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Viewers convinced choir just sang 'vagina' at King's Coronation

Viewers convinced choir just sang 'vagina' at King's Coronation

The choir have performed a number of songs at the coronation at Westminster Abbey

In an event as traditional and serious as the King's coronation, chances are there'll be a few words the average person won't understand.

But as the choir sang at the King's ceremony at Westminster Abbey today (6 May), viewers are convinced they heard one word they're definitely familiar with. It just seems a bit out of place.

The choir started belting out songs as King Charles entered the Abbey with his wife, Queen Camilla, and a number of other members of the Royal Family.

The choir sang as Camilla and Charles entered Westminster Abbey.
BBC News

Footage from the event showed the new monarch making his way through lines of singers down the aisle of the Abbey, but viewers' ears pricked up at one word in particular.

... Did they just say vagina?

In a post straight out of one of Peter Kay's comedy routines, one Twitter user questioned whether the choir sang the words 'I had vagina for dinner' - and when you hear it, it's hard to believe they could be saying anything else.

A number of other people also heard the word 'vagina', though they had some other suggestions about what the other lyrics could be.

"Buy that vagina, Camilla," one person wrote. "Why are they singing buy that vagina Camilla at the coronation?"

Another added: "Was it just me or does this song sound like it’s saying 'I have a vagina Camilla'."

Viewers are convinced the choir sang 'vagina'.

But no matter how convincing these posts might be, I can assure you the singers probably weren't saying 'vagina', and were more likely to be saying the more regal word, Regina.

The clip comes from just one of a number of songs viewers will hear today as the coronation events unfold.

Charles and Camilla are said to have chosen songs which will 'showcase and celebrate musical talent from across the United Kingdom and further afield', and Time Out reports that the King has also commissioned some new songs to be composed specially for the big day, all of which will be performed by The Coronation Choir.

Performers at the coronation include a gospel choir and the Byzantine Chant Choir, as well as soloists such as famous baritone Roderick Williams, South African soprano Pretty Yende and Welsh bass-baritone Bryn Terfel.

While many of the songs heard today probably won't be chart-toppers, music fans can expect to hear some more popular tracks at the coronation concert tomorrow (7 May), which welcomes the likes of Take That and Queen.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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