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Lad who quit McDonald’s job mid-shift because he didn't want to clean admits it was all a joke

The LADbible Team

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Lad who quit McDonald’s job mid-shift because he didn't want to clean admits it was all a joke

Fionn McCallum has proved why we shouldn't believe in everything we see on the internet.

The lad went viral after posting a TikTok video of him quitting his McDonald's job because he didn't want to clean up the mess that was left behind. ⁠


The video raked up an impressive 7.8 million views with 1.2 million likes and more than 8,000 comments.


It's fair to say a lot of people had mixed opinions over it.

One person said: "Snowflakes will cry over someone looking at them these days."

Another added: ⁠"How dare they ask you to do your job..."

A third remarked on the pile of stuff Fionn had to clean, saying: “That's actually not that bad, I work at McDonalds that takes like half an hour."⁠


Well, it turns out it was all a joke, and, in McCallum's defense, he did post that in the comments, but no one seemed to have read it.⁠

⁠McCallum confirmed the joke when he featured on New Zealand radio show More FM's Jay-Jay and Flynny show.

"It's a big joke, it's all been a skit. I have not actually quit," he said.

“It’s funny looking at all the boomers commenting on Facebook about how much of a horrible person I am.


Flynny admitted they were calling him up to give him the 'don’t talk to your boss like that' chat - or how Jay-Jay calls it 'the mum chat'.

⁠Fionn said he is in a little bit of trouble with McDonald's because of the prank video, saying he tried to tell them 'any publicity is good publicity'.

But it doesn’t seem like the McDonalds overlords see it that way.

“Maybe stand-up comedy is more for you instead of working for McDonald’s,” Jay-Jay joked.


We hope Macca's can see the joke and let Fionn keep his job! ⁠

⁠Words by Millie Hinchliffe.

Featured Image Credit: Fionn McCallum/TikTok

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The LADbible Team
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