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Lad Who Splashes £400 On Clip-In Veneers Is Shocked With Results

Lad Who Splashes £400 On Clip-In Veneers Is Shocked With Results

The TikToker splashed some cash on a new set of removable teeth to give his smile an extra sparkle

A lad who's gone viral on TikTok after spending £400 ($540) on clip-in veneers was shocked with the results. Watch what he has to say in the clip below:

Owen Mcconnel (@owenmcconnell59) opted to splash some cash on a set of removable teeth to give his smile a more of a shine.

Considering that veneers can cost upwards of £1,000 ($1,300) per tooth, it seems like a bit of a bargain, to be fair.

Initially though, Owen was not best pleased with the results, after he was left with a big 'overbite', which some have likened to 'looking like a horse' because of the bright white teeth.

In the viral clip, Owen complained: "Nah it’s bull**** yeah, these are my normal teeth.

TikTok/@owenmcconnell59/Jam Press

"I waited ages and paid £400 pound for these and I’ve text and complained, they said they are going to sort it."

He was pretty pleased with his bottom set of teeth, saying: "Bottom ones are actually sweet, nothing wrong with them."

Although, it's his top teeth what he was having some issue with.

He questioned: "Are you going to tell me that these are normal?

"They are huge, I’ve got a f***ing overbite."

The viral vid posted three days ago (9 February) racked up a mega 3.8 million views, with many in the comments section having an opinion, as always.

One user commented: "Could chew an apple through a letterbox."

Another joked: "You could enter the Grand National with them…"

Owen took this in good humour and replied: "You win."

However, in a follow-up vid a few days later, he seemed to have a bit of a U-turn and was delighted with the final results.

The famous Friends episode comes to mind when Ross' teeth whitening goes horrible wrong.
Warner Bros.

He said: "They're a lot better now, they're not too bad, they're not bad at all, I really enjoyed them.

"Getting used to the lisp was probably like the main, the main thing for me but after a week that they're meant to go anyway.

"They don't stick out or anything now, they're really good.

"You know what if people don't want to pay like thousands of pounds have veneers and stuff, I definitely recommend getting descriptions because you can take them out whenever you want.

"Do you know what I mean, there's nothing wrong with them at all."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@owenmcconnell59/Jam Press

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