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Lads Camp Outside Binley Mega Chippy

Lads Camp Outside Binley Mega Chippy

The two lads did not regret making the long journey to the world famous takeaway

Two lads showed their dedication to the cause after they camped outside Binley Mega Chippy for the night. You can watch what they got up to below:

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past week, you will know all about this iconic Coventry haunt.

The takeaway has been a firm favourite among locals since it opened its doors back in 2004, with customers raving about the quality grub on offer.

However, it recently gained the attention of millions when a TikTok food reviewer, named, posted a slideshow of the best takeaways in the UK featuring the now-viral chip shop.

Since then, people have been travelling from far and wide to get a taste of the chippy's greasy wares.

Two of those who made the pilgrimage to Binley were Ethan Stimson and his mate Oscar Rhodes, from Worcester, who camped outside the chippy last night (1 June), leaving this morning (2 June).

Ethan and Oscar camped outside the popular takeaway.

Speaking to LADbible about their trip, Ethan said the two-hour journey was well worth it.

The 18-year-old said: "We decided to camp outside as it is now seen in our eyes as a historical part of British History and we wanted to be the first to achieve this goal.

"We also found it a great way to money save after our two-hour commute at night.

"We arrived just before closing time and left before the crowds gathered for opening today.

"Although the Chippy did not open during this period of night, we got to meet hundreds of people who had commuted from all over the country just to take a picture at Binley Mega Chippy."

But while they made the most of their journey, Ethan admitted that it wasn't the most comfortable of experiences.

"Definitely not comfortable, but manageable," he told us. "We managed to make ourselves comfy with a blanket but still slept surrounded by large amounts of rubbish on the floor."

The takeaway has become a viral sensation of late.

Not everyone has got fully behind the Midlands eatery, however.

A woman was recently left less than impressed when her date took her to Binley instead of the Shard in London.

The unfortunate date was taken to the Mega Chippy by none other than TikTok star @J2Hundred, who posted a video of the couple eating outside the packed takeaway

And it's safe to say that she was not happy, refusing a bite of food from his fork as they sat on a bench together in the clip captioned: "Date night at Binley Mega Chippy."

The reason for her unhappiness became clear on her own TikTok channel, as she posted a duet with the internet star.

Sharing a selfie from a car, where she looked grumpy, she wrote: "I thought we were going to the Shard."

To our knowledge, no one has yet called Binley Mega Chippy 'The Shard of Coventry' so we can understand her disappointment.

Featured Image Credit: Ethan Stimson

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