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100-Year-Old Bloke Sets Guinness World Record For Staying In One Job The Longest

100-Year-Old Bloke Sets Guinness World Record For Staying In One Job The Longest

The man said it's his 'proudest achievement' in life.

A 100-year-old man has broken a world record after working at the same company for 84 years.

Walter Orthmann, who hails from the small Brazilian town of Brusque, was initially hired to work as a shipping assistant for textile company ReneauxView, on January 17, 1938, according to Guinness World Records

Initially taking the job to support his family financially, Orthmann was then promoted to a sales position not long before becoming a sales manager, a job he has kept ever since.

REUTERS/Diego Vara/Alamy

He told the Guinness World Records: "I was given the opportunity to work as a salesperson. I traveled to São Paulo and in less than one week I filled the production with orders equivalent of three month of work." 

Orthmann said the record was his ‘proudest’ achievement.

"Looking back, despite never having contemplated breaking a record, I think my proudest achievement was being certified as the title holder for the longest career in the same career," he said.

The now 100-year-old employee spoke of how he loved working in the sales department as it allowed him to travel across the country and meet people of different cultures.

Orthmann disclosed that one of the most important lessons regarding work is adapting swiftly to change, as the world is constantly evolving.

REUTERS/Diego Vara/Alamy

He also revealed while he’s been extremely fortunate in his career, he never plans ahead and takes each day as it comes.

He said: "I don’t do much planning, nor care much about tomorrow. All I care about is that tomorrow will be another day in which I will wake up, get up, exercise and go to work."

The Brazilian also celebrated his birthday earlier this year, on April 19, with an unforgettable celebration surrounded by family and friends. 

Despite his age, Orthmann is in good health with ‘excellent mental clarity and memory’.

The 100-year-old also exercises every single day.

When asked about the milestone in his career, Orthmann shared: "When we do what we like, we don't see the time go by."

They say when you find something you love, you’ll never have to work a day in your life, and Orthmann is a testament to that.

Featured Image Credit: REUTERS/Diego Vara/Alamy.

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