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6,800kgs Of Hot Dog Filler Pours Out Onto Highway Following Accident

6,800kgs Of Hot Dog Filler Pours Out Onto Highway Following Accident

The driver, Makendy Lachald, was speeding along a highway in Rostraver, which made him lose control of the vehicle as he reared off.

A jaw-dropping 6,800 kg worth of hot dog filler has flowed onto a highway after a semi-truck accident in Pennsylvania. 

If you've never seen what goes into a hot dog then you might want to look away now.

State Police Trooper Tyler Martier revealed to the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that a tractor-trailer crashed on the Interstate 70 in Rostraver.

She said: “Due to the violent stopping motion of (the tractor-trailer) … the trailer became dislodged, causing approximately 15,000 pounds (6,800kgs) of hot dog filler to catapult on to the roadway.”

Facebook/Rostraver Central Fire Department
Facebook/Rostraver Central Fire Department

She also said that the driver, Makendy Lachald, was speeding around westbound near milepost 43 at 6:40pm, which made him lose control of the vehicle while driving off the right side of the highway.

Lachald’s 2004 Freightliner reportedly had faulty brakes, so he could not stop until he hit several trees.

“Further investigation after the crash revealed that multiple brakes on the vehicle were completely inoperable, resulting in a total loss of stopping power,” Martier said.

Photos uploaded by Rostraver Central Fire Department’s Facebook page showed that the hotdog filler had burst out of its packaging and was spilling all over the highway.

Honestly, the scene looks more like it’s out of the horror film 1958, The Blob.

Facebook/ Rostraver Central Fire Department

Many were left baffled at the sight of the spillage of the sausage meat, with one person writing: “Wow! First - hope everyone is ok. Second - is that a truckload of ham salad?”

Another person said: “I can’t imagine how bad that smells or is going to smell.”

A third person wrote: “That looks like pink slime heading to Mcdonald’s.”

While another commented: “Please find out what that ‘meat’ is for so I can immediately stop eating it.”

Following the accident, the highway was forced to merge into one lane until 11:30pm, sending traffic to a standstill for about five hours while first responders cleared the mess.

Lachald and a passenger of the trailer tractor, Robert Gilles, were treated for minor injuries at the scene by Rostraver West Newton Emergency Services after they refused to be transported to a local hospital. 

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Rostraver Central Fire Department.

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