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Anthony Albanese Rips Into Those Comparing His Trip To Ukraine With Scott Morrison Going To Hawaii

Anthony Albanese Rips Into Those Comparing His Trip To Ukraine With Scott Morrison Going To Hawaii

He's been dubbed 'Airbus Albo' for spending a third of his time as Prime Minister abroad since winning the election.

Anthony Albanese has hit out at his new nickname.

The Australian Prime Minister has been dubbed 'Airbus Albo' for spending a third of his time as the country's leader abroad since winning the election.

He was also compared to Scott Morrison, who infamously went on holiday to Hawaii while parts of the country were burning to the ground. It comes at a time where large parts of New South Wales are experiencing severe flooding.

But Albanese has now lashed out at the comparison between him and Mr Morrison.

"I was fulfilling a responsibility that I believe that I had of traveling to Ukraine," he said, as per the Daily Mail. "To compare that with a holiday is beyond contempt, frankly."

Albanese added: "It says a lot about the people who made those comments."

It was Nationals Leader David Littleproud who drew the comparison between Australia's current Prime Minister and Scott Morrison.

Albanese went on to blast his naysayers, pointing out that the newly-elected Labor Government was delivering on their promise of a change of attitude.

"Some people apparently didn't get the memo about the new politics," Albanese said, as per The Guardian.

"New politics is about getting things done and achieving outcomes and working together in the interests of the Australian public. That's my objective."

Albanese's comments come only two days after he returned from a nine-day trip to Europe.

Albanese was invited to the NATO summit. After that he met with French President Emmanuel Macron, likely in an attempt to undo some of the damage by Scott Morrison who was caught out lying to the French leader.

Albanese then visited Ukraine, where he met with President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and actually went into the war-affected regions to see the devastation from the Russian invasion.

It was there that Albanese pledged another AUD $100 million (£56.8 million) to help fight Russia. 

Albanese revealed he was smuggled into Ukraine - with national security protection and media - but did not take any phones or devices connected to the internet devices in order to avoid Russian detection.

"We didn't have any electronic equipment - no phones, no internet, no communication with the outside," he said, as per The Guardian.

"That was a matter of keeping us safe, but also keeping safe President Zelenskyy and the Ukrainian people that we were meeting."

The fuming PM then added: "Because obviously there is a war going on - [but] apparently that should have just been dismissed."

He also hit out at inferences made by Shadow Treasurer Angus Taylor, who had suggested Albanese had not been in sufficient contact with NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet as the NSW floods rage on.

"I immediately spoke to Premier Perrottet, I spoke to [Federal Emergency] Minister [Murray] Watt, I spoke to the acting Prime Minister Richard Marles and made sure that every support was being offered," Albanese said, as per

"We were acting. We are not a one person show."

Featured Image Credit: Anthony Albanese/Twitter. Ben_Downie/Twitter

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