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Amber Heard Thought She Was Going To Die During Alleged Assault From Johnny Depp

Amber Heard Thought She Was Going To Die During Alleged Assault From Johnny Depp

Heard says the argument with her then-husband caused her to have two black eyes and a busted lip.

Amber Heard said she thought she was going to die during one of Johnny Depp's alleged beatings.

While giving testimony in Fairfax County Circuit Court for Depp’s $50 million defamation lawsuit against her, the 36-year-old opened up about how traumatic this alleged incident was for her.

She explained how she got into an argument with the Pirates of the Caribbean star in December 2015, which led to her lip being busted and her receiving two black eyes.

Heard recalled that while Depp was reportedly hitting her multiple times, she believed the actor wouldn’t stop until she was dead.

She said: “I remember the sound of Johnny’s voice, he got next to my ear, and he was screaming over and over and over again, each time it sounded louder and more desperate, ‘I f**king hate you’."

Heard also testified that her ex-husband proceeded to ‘pound’ the back of her head.

“I just could hear myself scream until I couldn’t hear myself anymore. I could just hear him say he was going to kill me,” she said. 

“And that he sounded like an animal in pain when he was saying … he f**king hated me.”

She added: “I thought this is how I die, he’s going to kill me now, and he won’t even have realised it.

“I couldn’t breathe, I remember trying to scream, and I couldn’t scream.”

The jury was shown photos of ‘chunks’ of hair ripped out and a ‘busted’ lip she suffered after allegedly being repeatedly punched by the actor.

Heard also spoke of another violent altercation that arose after she found texts on the 58-year-old’s phone indicating he cheated on her shortly after their wedding.

“He was texting this woman that he had a relationship on and off … The date was right after our wedding. I had seen that he had gone to her house after our wedding,” she said.

“I freaked out.”

She added: “I immediately confront him about it …. I didn't care in this moment if he did kill me.”

Heard became so frustrated that she left their property to visit her sister, Whitney, who was living on the neighbouring property at the time.


The actor claimed Depp followed her, and Whitney got between them as they began fighting.

The 36-year-old said she feared Depp would push her sister down a flight of stairs, which led her to ‘swing’ at him.

She said: Whitney, my sister, all of a sudden put herself in between.

"And I swung at him.

"In all my relationship to date with Johnny, I hadn't landed a blow...for the first time I hit him, like actually hit him square in the face.

"But he didn't push my sister down the stairs.

"Johnny kind of looked stunned, and then laughed at me. And then he hit me again."

Depp and his legal team have denied all claims of physical abuse made by Heard.

Featured Image Credit: Law&Crime Network.

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