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US Road Rage Incident Sees Men Use Sword And Assault Rifle To Settle Their Differences

US Road Rage Incident Sees Men Use Sword And Assault Rifle To Settle Their Differences

It's unclear what sparked the fight however it's very clear what ended it.

Road rage can certainly escalate when both parties are refusing to back down and that couldn't be truer for an incident witnessed in the US recently.

A motorist captured the shocking moment a man in a pickup truck pulled out a goddamn sword during an argument. Check out the footage that was uploaded on Reddit below:

It's unclear what exactly sparked the heated confrontation however, it's very clear who ended it.

The man with the pickup seemed to be incredibly irate over whatever the man in the plaid shirt did as they approached a red light.

The video starts with the bloke already holding the sword in both hands and he was violently threatening to bring it down on the other motorist, who didn't even flinch.

Eagle-eyed viewers also noticed how the man's sword was bent and didn't look like it could cut through butter, let alone human skin.

But something escalated the verbal melee and the sword-wielding individual ran back to his pickup truck to either get away or get something else from his vehicle.

At the same time, the chilled man in plaid calmly walked over to his car boot and casually brought out what has been described as an AR-47 or AK-15 rifle.


The video sadly cut off there, probably because the motorist filming the confrontation got spooked that all hell was about to break loose.

People have been absolutely floored by the footage after it went viral on the Reddit subthread, r/PublicFreakout.

One person said: "If you go at someone with a sword and he doesn't flinch. You already lost."

Another added: "He studied the blade... ...until he met the bullet."

A third wrote: "I feel like it wasn't a sword but one of those devices you stick in the door to unlock it from the outside. Dude's truck looked like a POS wouldn't be surprised if the door handle was broke and that's how he unlocks the door."

We'll never know if the heated battle was settled amicably or if bullets started raining down on the pickup truck.

Use this as a warning to always be chilled on American roads because you never know if a motorist is just going to pull out an assault rifle to match your terrible sword.

Featured Image Credit: n_az_a/Reddit

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