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Aussie Fan Downs Three Beers To Steal The Show In Second Ashes Test

Aussie Fan Downs Three Beers To Steal The Show In Second Ashes Test

The crowd kept begging him to do one more and he happily obliged.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Australia is dominating England in The Ashes at the moment and local fans are absolutely loving all the action so far.

While there have been plenty of incredible moments on the pitch, there was one that happened in the stands that copped loads of applause from fans.

As the Aussies made their way to a healthy 275-run victory in Adelaide this week, one supporter was seen walking past the crowd with a stack of beers.

As he got in front of the crowd on Day 4 of the Second Test, he downed one of his beers and earned the praise from everyone seated in front of him.

Sky Sports News reporter Jamie Weir then captured the moment he got egged on to finish his remaining beers.

Just before he walked away to his seat, the peer pressure of everyone chanting him to skol his drink became too much and he happily necked it in front of everyone.

After responsibly recycling his plastic cups, he slowly walked back to his final remaining drink.

He allowed the tension to build before ripping into his third and final beer and the crowd went understandably wild.

The clip has gone viral on social media and people have dubbed it 'the most Australian minute of video you'll ever see'.

Australian fans have had a lot to celebrate as the last two Ashes have been a raging success.

England's Barmy Army will hope to have their own reasons to cheer when the third Test gets underway in Melbourne on Boxing Day.

Peter Mundy/Speed Media/Alamy Live News -

England needs to win the match to have any hope of reclaiming the famous urn.

Captain Joe Root criticised his players for making the same mistakes in both Tests so far this series and has called on his bowlers to be braver with the ball.

He said in a post-match interview: "If you look at the first innings in particular I thought we were just a little bit short with the ball, we didn't challenge them enough.

"We need to be braver, we need to get the ball up there, and as soon as we did that in the second innings, the amount of chances we created and how dangerous we looked, that's the benchmark for us moving forwards.

"We weren't brave enough at times to get the ball up there and get them driving."

Featured Image Credit: Jamie Weir/Twitter

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