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Australian Labor Party Cops Huge Backlash For Posting Scott Morrison And Donald Trump Photo

Australian Labor Party Cops Huge Backlash For Posting Scott Morrison And Donald Trump Photo

The ALP said 'it's the company you keep' as the violence was unfolding at Washington D.C.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

As violence broke out in Washington D.C. yesterday, many were dismayed at seeing America seemingly crumble from its political heartland.

Donald Trump has been blamed for inciting hundreds of people to rally at the Capitol building, which led to deadly clashes with police and extremists getting past authorities and breaking in.

Across the Pacific, the Australian Labor Party used the moment to criticise Trump and his relationship with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.


In a photo of Morrison and Trump together, the ALP tweeted a caption: "It's the company you keep."

The post has since copped a huge amount of backlash on social media, with many saying you can't knock a leader for meeting with an international counterpart.

Loads of people clapped back at the tweet with images of Labor Party members standing with Mike Pence, Jacinda Ardern standing with Donald Trump, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews meeting with China's ambassador to Australia and many more.

Critics said Scott Morrison would be doing a poor job of being on the international stage if he wasn't meeting with leaders and discussing issues that were important to Australia.

It even received condemnation from within the Labor Party.

Member for Hunter Joel Fitzgibbon said: "I'm a proud member of the Labor Party and remain committed to its ideals and objectives but I do not want to be associated with this tweet."


Scott Morrison was late last year given one of the top US military honours by Donald Trump.

Australia's leader, along with former-Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was given the Legion of Merit for 'leadership in addressing global challenges' and for strengthening the relationship with the US.

The Prime Minister's relationship with the US President has come under criticism for being 'too close'.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull believes Morrison should pull back on his relationship with the US leader to avoid making Australia look like a 'Trump-lite refuge in the southern hemisphere'.

Turnbull wants Australia to stop mirroring America's climate change policy under Trump and start copying Biden's approach.

He told the Financial Review: "He probably over-channeled Trump. He was clearly dazzled and duchessed by Trump and went full-in with that in a number of areas ... but the reality now is all of our major trading partners have got a net zero target [and] the Biden administration will return to the climate fray with real enthusiasm."

Featured Image Credit: PA

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