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Lads Reckon They've Spotted Bigfoot Running In The Background Of Their Video

Lads Reckon They've Spotted Bigfoot Running In The Background Of Their Video

Is it a man? Is it a beast? Is it a man dressed up as a beast running through the forest? Well, decide for yourself.

Another Bigfoot video is doing the rounds on social media after a mysterious object was spotted in the background of a video filmed in Mississippi.

Of course, they caught it on camera. But was it high-quality? Of course not.

It's now going viral on TikTok and it's hard to tell if it is legit or if it's just a person running through the woods in a gorilla suit.

But, who are we to judge? You can though, because here's the video.

The clip, shared by Cryptiduniversity, features a guy whipping around in his truck. The lad in the passenger seat is filming and the two can be heard chatting away.

Then, through the driver's seat window, they manage to catch a few seconds of the mystery beast fleeing through the trees, apparently disturbed by the closeness of their vehicle.

They also (very conveniently) manage to catch Bigfoot in centre frame as they capture some candid footage of their off-road adventure.

Yes, we might sound a bit cynical. But we aren't alone.

TikTok users have mostly mocked the video, branding it a poor version of a fake Bigfoot sighting.

One said: "Wow! Thank God you were already recording for no reason at all!"

A second, who we presume is a Bigfoot expert, chimed in with: "That’s a shortish guy in a costume. A creature of Bigfoot size/strength would have a longer stride. I'm 6’8 myself and saw that fault at first view."

A third added: "So funny the camera was already pointing that way."

Well, there you have it.

The mysterious hairy creatures are a part of North American folklore, but some folks are sure they exist – even though we've still not been able to pin one down after decades of searching.

This is all the more remarkable given that all the apparent footage we have of the beasts seems to indicate that they're about the same size and speed as a bloke in a big furry suit; yet, they always get away.

As for this video, we're going to bet that it was probably not Bigfoot. Or a Yeti. Or the Abominable Snowman.

Regardless of what you call the mysterious creature, this one does look like a pretty weak fake.

But, if you're into the unexplained, there is plenty of that to find on TikTok.

For example, there are a few people who claim to be time travellers on there.

TikTok is a wild place. But if you're bored and into Bigfoot it sure is a lot of fun.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/cryptiduniversity

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