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Ex-Bondi Rescue Star Says He Was Sacked Because He Wouldn't Say If He's Had The Covid-19 Vaccine

Ex-Bondi Rescue Star Says He Was Sacked Because He Wouldn't Say If He's Had The Covid-19 Vaccine

Clint Kimmins said the decision is ‘hugely disappointing'.

Former Bondi Rescue star Clint Kimmins has hit out at the local council for firing him because he wouldn't reveal his Covid-19 vaccination status.

The Courier Mail reports that the lifeguard says it's 'disappointing' to be booted from the job all because he wouldn't disclose whether he got the jab.

“We were on the frontline throughout the pandemic when they made us close the beaches and we’ve been left covered in blood from rescuing people and doing suicide retrievals from the rocks,” he explained to the Queensland news outlet.

“To be treated this way is hugely disappointing.”


Kimmins also alleged that staff who failed to show proof of the vaccine were abruptly fired and were only notified via email.

“We were just shown the door, there was no compassion,” he added.

He explained that he's moved to the Gold Coast after leaving his job.

Kimmins stated that he had to see a psychologist to deal with the emotional and financial pain related to the move.

“I just think the whole thing’s been poorly handled – people should be being kind to each other at this time,” he said

Following the incident, the former pro surfer took to Instagram to explain his departure.

He wrote: “I’m proud of my time here in Sydney and my contribution as a Lifeguard at the world's craziest beaches #Bondi #Bronte and #Tamarama.

“I have saved many lives, I have sadly witnessed many deaths, I have served the community by doing something I love and have done it with pride and to the best of my ability.”

Kimmins also shared that he would move back to his hometown, where he would focus on triathlon and surfing competitions.

“I have formed relationships with people I now care about deeply and I want to thank the locals for accepting me into their community. 

“I will depart back to my home on the Gold Coast with my integrity intact and focus on Ironman racing and preparing for the upcoming big wave season at Nazaré.”

News of Kimmins leaving comes as Australians over 30 are now eligible for a fourth dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, which will kick off this week.

According to Federal Health Minister Mark Butler, an additional 7.4 million people will be able to access the winter booster as Omicron cases continue to rise.

LADbible has contacted Waverley Council for comment.

Featured Image Credit: Clint.Kimmins / Instagram. Cyril Ndegeya / Xinhua / Alamy Live News.

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