Dan Bilzerian Says Australia's Covid-19 Rules Are Similar To 'Nazi Germany'

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Dan Bilzerian Says Australia's Covid-19 Rules Are Similar To 'Nazi Germany'

Dan Bilzerian has become the latest American to pipe up about Australia's coronavirus rules and restrictions.

The playboy poker player joins the likes of conservative commentators Candace Owens and Tucker Carlson, as well as podcaster Joe Rogan, in criticising the rules that the Australian government brought in to protect its citizens.

But he went a step further a claimed Australia is resembling 'Nazi Germany' because of how strict the rules are (even though most states and territories are relaxing their restrictions).


During an appearance on the Full Send podcast, Bilzerian said: "Look what's happened with Australia right f***ed.

"It's insanity, they're killing people's dogs, won't let Australian citizens back in, you can't leave, it's like Nazi Germany over there.

"I don't know if that would be happening if they had guns, you know.

"They're like macing and pepper-spraying and shooting these people with rubber bullets who are just peacefully protesting and I just look at that and I'm like, f***, what do you do.


"How do you rebel against the government if you have no weapons?"

He added that it's important for Americans to have guns because it's a 'a defence against tyranny' like what's happening in Australia.

There's a lot to unpack in that little rant.


There hasn't been a single case of anyone's dogs being killed because of the coronavirus pandemic. There were reports of that happening in some cities in China while the pet owners were in quarantine, however nothing in Australia.

Yes, the Aussie government shut the country's international borders for more than a year and it helped keep coronavirus numbers down to a minimum.

It was heartbreaking for many Aussie citizens who were trying to get home and were faced with huge flight costs.

That has since changed after the borders were opened up in New South Wales and Victoria and it's now much easier to fly back to Australia.


And no, literally the last thing Australia needs right now is loads of gun-toting, anti-lockdown activists trying to overturn the rules.

There seems to be a trend of Americans trying to wade into how Australia handles the pandemic, which is ironic considering the number of cases and deaths the US has seen since the start of the pandemic.

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