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Australia's Oldest Ever Man Says He Loves To Eat Chicken Brains

Tom Wood

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Australia's Oldest Ever Man Says He Loves To Eat Chicken Brains

Australia's oldest ever man has revealed a somewhat bizarre secret to his incredible longevity - he really loves eating chicken brains.


Yes, it might not seem like the ideal regime for keeping young to most of us - especially the vegetarians out there - but Dexter Kruger has managed to live to be 111 years old, so maybe he's worth listening to on this front.

The retired cattle rancher partly attributes his extended life to scranning the brains of farmyard poultry, and has now decided to share that secret with the world.


Of course, there's no scientific evidence behind his theory, but whatever floats his boat.

Kruger was celebrating 124 days since his 111th birthday, which might not seem that significant a milestone to mark, but it takes him past the benchmark set by First World War veteran Jack Lockett, who died in 2002 and was previously the oldest ever recorded man in Australia.

There could have been an older man before over the years - and there has been an older woman - but Dexter is now officially the oldest man ever recorded to have lived in Australia.

Speaking in an interview from his nursing home in Roma, Queensland, to mark the momentous day, Dexter was keen to share the wisdom of hollowing out the heads of chickens.

Dexter Kruger is 111 years old. Credit: PA
Dexter Kruger is 111 years old. Credit: PA

He told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation: "Chicken brains. You know, chickens have a head. And in there, there's a brain. And they are delicious little things.

"There's only one little bite."

Yep, chickens aren't known for their huge brains, that's for sure.


However, Dexter's son Greg, who is 74 years old himself, said the simple outback lifestyle Dexter led for much of his life must have had something to do with his extraordinary lifespan.

It's not as if his faculties are failing him, either.

According to the manager of his nursing home Melanie Calvert - who is also writing up his autobiography - Dexter remains 'one of the sharpest residents here'.

She added: "His memory is amazing for a 111-year-old."


The record was confirmed by John Taylor, one of the founders of the Australian Book of Records, who verified Kruger as the oldest ever Australian man.

The oldest person ever to live in Australia was a woman called Christina Cock. She died back in 2002 at the frankly gigantic age of 114 years and 148 days old.

Whether she liked to scran the brains of chickens - or any fowl, for that matter - is not known.

Featured Image Credit: PA

Topics: Food And Drink, Weird, Animals, Australia

Tom Wood
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