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Daniel Ricciardo Is Releasing A Limited-Edition $700 Shoey Decanter

Daniel Ricciardo Is Releasing A Limited-Edition $700 Shoey Decanter

Ever wanted to see Aussie racing driver Daniel Ricciardo release his own Cinderella-version of a shoey vessel? Well, today is that day.

Daniel Ricciardo is launching a limited-edition $700 shoey decanter that will make you the envy of all your mates at pre-drinks.

If you've ever had the urge to do a shoey, but can't because you're at a fancy event, then do we have the product for you.

The Aussie Formula 1 racing legend is well known for doing an iconic shoey any time he performs well on the track.

He wants you to have something special to sip from instead of his hot, sweaty shoe.

So, say goodbye to that gross footwear, bid farewell to damp socks, and say hello to The Ricciardo Decanter.

You can finally emulate the McLaren team star by slurping champagne (or whatever liquid you like) from a glass boot.

Ricciardo unveiled the iconic decanter in a dramatic yet slick video that is giving us solid Cinderella glass slipper vibes.

“It’s so good, I struggled to find a vessel worthy of the wine,” Ricciardo said, referring to his collaboration with St Hugo's winery.

“I needed something truly refined, something truly Ricciardo, something that would make the wine taste like a podium finish.

“They said decant, I say decan,” Ricciardo said with a broad smile spreading across his face, presumably because he could hear the distant applause of pun appreciators everywhere.

Jure Makovec / Alamy Stock Photo

Ricciardo and the Barossa Valley winery have joined forces to release D3 X St Hugo, a collection of fine wines created by the motorsports legend himself, under the watchful eye of chief winemaker Peter Munro.

Hope you like a glass of red though, because you've got the choice of a Cab Sav or Shiraz.

The DR3 x St Hugo Coonawarra Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 has been described as highlighting 'the distinctive regional characteristics of fruit grown on terra rossa soil over limestone'.

“Structural with regional blackcurrant fruit, this is a fruit-forward style – generous, open, and with long fine tannins to ensure it will age gracefully over 10 to 15 years," the company says.

While The DR3 x St Hugo South Australia Shiraz 2020 has been 'matured in oak for 14 months, then blended'.

St Hugo

The tasting notes say: “Dark berry fruits that ooze generosity belie the classical fine structure that underpins this elegant and expressive modern example of South Australian Shiraz."

As for the glass boot decanter, there's only 1,100 on offer, so you need to get in quick.

Sydney-based studio Vert Design worked for more than 100 hours carefully creating this incredible design.

The decanters have been hand-blown and moulded on Ricciardo's F1 boots, but they've also been crafted to perfectly decant your wine; think everything from volumetrics to ergonomics to pouring angles.

The end result? A flippin' sick collectors item.

So it doesn't matter if you're a motorsports nut or just have a casual $700 to spare on a glass shoe, there's no doubt this will run off the shelves.

Featured Image Credit: St Hugo. DPPI Media / Alamy Stock Photo.

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