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Volley Is Releasing A Limited-Edition Mullet Version Of Their Iconic Shoe

Volley Is Releasing A Limited-Edition Mullet Version Of Their Iconic Shoe

They've partnered with the Black Dog Institute to spark a conversation around mental health.

Volley is collaborating with Black Dog Institute to offer limited-edition mullet versions of their iconic shoes.

The Heritage High Mullet volleys will certainly make you the envy of literally everyone in the country.

Since 1939, Volley has been synonymous with innovative and fashion-forward designs while making its way into the hearts of Australians across many generations.

Everyone at one point or another has donned a pair of these infamous shoes.


Their kicks have been worn by some of the greats, including Rod Laver, Mark Edmondson, Angus Young, Miranda Kerr and the Australian Olympic teams in 2012 and 2021.

But now, off the back of April Fools and Volley and ME Bank’s hilarious VolleyPay gag, the company is launching very real kicks that are a subtle nod to Australian legends such as Bazlenka, Dermott Brereton and Ryan Papenhuyzen.

The playful shoe comes with a mullet hair piece at the back, which is fully detachable. It's intended to spark a conversation around men’s mental health.

This collaboration will see 100 per cent of profits donated to the Black Dog Institute and its Mullets for Mental Health initiative.

Black Dog is Australia’s only medical research institute dedicated to investigating mental health to make a better and healthier world for everyone.

Black Dog Institute senior manager of partnerships Tasman Cassim said of the collaboration: "We have been so overwhelmed with the support for our Mullets for Mental Health fundraiser and now to have a Volley shoe with a mullet attached as a way of raising additional funds for mental health, we are absolutely stoked.”


Volley Australia GM John Szwede also expressed his excitement for launching the mullet shoe, especially in the age of the Covid-19 pandemic, as many customers have struggled with deteriorating mental health.

"Many young people work in spaces most affected by the pandemic: events, hospitality and retail, creating great struggles they hadn’t previously faced," he said.

"Volley is honoured to have joined forces with Black Dog Institute to create this mullet masterpiece.

He added: "We feel that partnering with the Institute, particularly for the Mullets for Mental Health campaign, allows us to instill our light-hearted, larrikin spirit into a difficult topic to broach, making it less daunting and easier to spark conversation.

"We want people to be interactive with their mullet Volleys – cut them, dye them, braid them and most importantly, wear them.”

The Volley Mullet shoes are scheduled to be released April 15.

Featured Image Credit: Supplied