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Dylan Alcott Bursts Into Tears After Getting Text Message During His Press Conference

Dylan Alcott Bursts Into Tears After Getting Text Message During His Press Conference

He said that message was better than winning a tennis tournament and reflected on how far he's come.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Dylan Alcott has burst into tears after receiving a text message from Andy Murray in the middle of his press conference.

The Australian of the Year was hoping to win his eighth Australian Open title before retiring from tennis however his goal sadly wasn't realised.

Alcott lost to Sam Schroder in the men's quad singles final on Rod Laver Arena yesterday afternoon (January 27) in straight sets 7-5 6-0.

He fronted the media following the match to answer all sorts of questions about his glittering career on the court as well as how he felt about his final performance.

Alcott mentioned how his first professional match was played in front of only a handful of spectators.

However, yesterday his final match was played in front of a packed arena at Melbourne Park with a million people watching on TV, according to News Corp.

To drive home just how far he has come since that first game of tennis, he received a message from Andy Murray.

"This just sums up how it's changed," he said. "I hope he doesn't mind this but Andy Murray just messaged me: 'I don't know if I've articulated that well but you're an absolute rock star and inspiration. Thanks for everything that you've done.'

"That kills me. Makes me want to cry. Special.

"Like you're just apart of it ... they don't even care you're in a wheelchair.

"They don't give a s**t. Sorry to swear. It's special. So nice. It's like that everywhere. I never thought that would happen, like it's cool. It's really cool.

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"That's better than winning a tennis tournament. There's a legend of the sport getting around wheelchair tennis.

"If it's good enough for someone like that, it's good enough for everyone. Sorry I didn't mean to cry."

He told the media that he definitely felt 'ready to retire' from tennis because he said 'the wins mean less and the losses don't hurt as much'.

Alcott finishes his tennis career with 15-time Grand Slams under his belt and four Paralympic gold medals.

Asked what his next steps will be, he said the sky's the limit and even said he'd be happy to be Prime Minister one day.

"Why couldn't the Prime Minister be in a wheelchair or have any disability? I'm dead serious. Physical or non-physical. Parliament's not accessible? Build ramps. Just do it," he said.

What an absolute legend and he can definitely have his head high from everything he's done for tennis.

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