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Furious Motorist Screams At Climate Protestor Who Blocked Sydney Harbour Bridge Tunnel

Furious Motorist Screams At Climate Protestor Who Blocked Sydney Harbour Bridge Tunnel

While it may have been frustrating to be held up in traffic like that, this guy's reaction is wild.

A climate change protester who blocked the entrance to the Sydney Harbour Tunnel has caught the moment a livid motorist hurled a barrage of abuse at her for holding up traffic.

Being late for work due to a protest would be annoying, but this guy turned his rage gauge up to 1,000 per cent.

Sydney was thrown into traffic chaos as environmental group Blockade Australia launched a guerilla-style protest on Monday (June 27).

Monday marks what the activism group claimed to be the first day of a whole week of targeted protests and chaos-creation.

One activist obstructed the Harbour Bridge Tunnel at about 8.30am, which was obviously designed to cause a traffic nightmare at peak-hour.

Her sit-in caused traffic to bank up for kilometres and invoked the frenzied rage of one motorist in particular.

The 22-year-old activist was live-streaming her protest and caught the moment one bloke told her off.

"You're f***ing everyone's day up, you dumb c**t," the man screams as spit can be seen going everywhere. "Get the f*** out of the way. You f**king selfish c**t."

His rage really boiled over as he started hitting the car window before storming off.

The activist then addressed the man directly to the camera: "To this man I would say I stand with you. It is for you, it is for your family that we do this."

But, despite her zen approach, the human ball of rage returned to taunt her.

He was heard screaming: "Guess what f**kwit? You're going to jail. They're going to love you in there you piece of s**t."

To really up the ante for her protest, she decided to chuck bike lock around her neck and the steering wheel of the car to ensure it couldn't move.

Blockade Australia released a statement saying its demonstrations will call for 'mobilisation to resist climate destruction' that had begun when 'violence landed on this continent'.

Blockade Australia/Facebook.

"Sydney has developed into the political and economic capital of Australia," the statement said.

Acting Assistant Police Commissioner Paul Dunstan lashed out the protester's actions.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman 'placed herself at risk, placed members of the public at risk, and placed rescuers at risk'.

"The behaviour of this group is nothing short of criminal activity," he said.

Well, there's a whole week of this to come... so buckle in folks. This could get bumpy.

Elsewhere in the city, roughly 100 protesters swarmed towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge and trashed the city streets, dragging bins in the way to traffic and preventing cars from moving by refusing to move from the street.

One motorist was having exactly none of that and rammed protesters in the CBD with their car before speeding away.

It's unclear what happened to the driver following the run-in.

Featured Image Credit: Blockade Australia/Facebook.

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