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Social Media Influencers Are Fuming Over An Event Dubbed The New Fyre Festival

Social Media Influencers Are Fuming Over An Event Dubbed The New Fyre Festival

Content creators have dubbed it a 's**tshow' and 'chaos' after transport to the event was accused of being poorly organised.

While every social media influencer worth their K in followers would have wanted to be at Coachella over the weekend, a different festival was held that looked like a content-maker's dream.

Clothing brand Revolve had their two-day event in La Quinta, California and the guest list was certainly a who's who on the social media world.

Not only were there huge performances by big-name artists, but it was also attended by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Quavo, Post Malone and Sydney Sweeney.

The invite-only gig also had free clothes to grab and a location perfect for creating content, even though it was scorching hot on the day.

However, it seems like some of the attendees weren't happy with how the event was organised they've even branded it the new Fyre Festival, which is a huge claim to make.

Influencer Averie Bishop made a video on her experience and claimed she couldn't even get onto one of the shuttles that took you to the event.

"The only way you can get to Revolve Festival is if you take their specific shuttles into the ground," she explained.

"I didn't even get into the festival you guys, I waited in line for two hours.

"There was pushing, shoving, fighting, yanking people in front of the buses, people standing in between buses while they were removing, just to get on these buses and get to Revolve Festival."

She claimed the situation was 'dangerous' and urged festival organisers to make transport better for next year's event.

Another influencer who didn't manage to get inside, Kristi Howard, opened up on her experience.

"Revolve Festival was a s**tshow, it was a disaster," she said in a video on TikTok.

"We got there at 2.30pm, 3pm. No address given, we were just told the corner of 'something and something'. If you live in LA you can go pick up your wristband but I don't live in LA."

She was upset at how she paid loads of money to fly to California for the festival, but it was chaos trying to get a wristband to get on the shuttle buses.

"I flew out here thinking I had this big opportunity for my career, I thought it would be really cool to network and meet my internet friends in real life, and it wasn't like that at all," she said.

But the most outrageous revelation came from Los Angeles Magazine’s Joseph Kapsch, who heard from people on the ground that influencers all thought they were very important.

“Sources on the ground telling us there is apparently drama going down at Revolve Festival, that “sinks to (the) level of Fryre (sic) Festival,” he wrote on Twitter.

“Influencers stranded in the dirt with no water, under the hot sun for HOURS, waiting for buses that aren’t coming to bring them to actual festival.

“Alleged fights, screaming, everyone is dizzy. LAMag told that police are coming.

“AND in an Only in LA Moment: Coachella Edition: Security had crowds of influencers yelling how 'important they were and why they deserved the first seat'."

It's a fairly big claim to suggest Revolve Festival was in any way comparable to Fyre Festival.

In that latter event, hundreds of people were stranded on an island and there was barely any food or accomodation provided that lived up to expectations.

For Revolve, it just seems transport was a little clunky and some invitees weren't able to come.

LADbible has reached out to Revolve for a comment.

Featured Image Credit: Kristi Howard/TikTok. Averie Bishop/TikTok

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