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Jake Paul Calls UFC Fighters A 'Bunch Of F**king P***ies'

Jake Paul Calls UFC Fighters A 'Bunch Of F**king P***ies'

The boxer is at it again taking aim at the UFC fighters and Dana White when talking about his callout to Michael Bisping.

Jake Paul is at it again with the call outs, this time claiming loads of UFC fighters are ‘a bunch of f**king p**sies’. 

Always true to form aren’t you Jake. 

To be fair to Paul, he’s made a boxing career out of beating former UFC fighters, and simultaneously calling different people ‘p**sies’ - and it’s a formula that works. 

Paul has recently taken aim at Michael Bisping, however, he's admitted it was ‘silly’ to call out the MMA star who hadn’t fought since November 2017. 

According to MMA Weekly, Paul said during the Taylor-Serrano open workouts: “I also think it’s a silly callout. That’s an easy fight for me, it’s a one-round fight, he’s an old guy.”

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However, Paul also took aim at not only Bisping but the whole of UFC.

He said: “So Bisping wants to talk s**t. Cool. Let’s get in the ring motherf**ker. You p**sy. If anyone wants to talk s**t, get in the ring you p**sy. 

“[Jorge] Masvidal, you p**sy. All these guys are all talk, they’re cap, and their dad Dana [White] f**king owns them. 

“They’re a bunch of f**king p**sies that hide behind the f**king contract.”

Yikes, that reads as a Jake Paul sentence generator. 

The YouTuber-turned-fighter kicked off his career against fellow content creator AnEsonGib with a technical knockout win, he then easily dispatched former NBA player Nate Robinson.

From there, his pursuit of various UFC fighters kicked in when he scored another knockout win over Ben Askren, with his fourth fight seeing him score a split decision win over former welterweight champion Tyron Woodley. 

Woodley and Paul then squared off once again which saw the social-media star knock out the former UFC fighter. 

Paul has been the topic of discussion for many in both the boxing and MMA worlds. 

Joe Rogan was recently a guest on boxing legend Mike Tyson’s Hotboxing with Mike Tyson podcast where they spoke about the possibility of Iron Mike stepping in the ring with Paul.

Tyson said of the potential fight: “Hey, Jake Paul, believe it not, is more profitable than the champs – if I fought a champ.” 

Rogan continued: “Culturally, you versus Jake Paul – this young YouTuber takes on one of the greatest heavyweight champions that’s ever lived.” 

Reflecting on the idea, Tyson said: “I love that. Sounds good. Let's do it, Jakey. God, wouldn't that be cool?” 

Just need Paul to call Iron Mike a p**sy and we’re on our way to a confirmed fight.

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