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Jeremy Clarkson Shares His Latest Advert ‘That Was Irritatingly Banned’

Jeremy Clarkson Shares His Latest Advert ‘That Was Irritatingly Banned’

The presenter revealed that his ad had been ‘irritatingly’ rejected from TV after saying you can get ‘drunk’ on the Gloucestershire beer.

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed the advert for his beer company that has been ‘irritatingly’ banned from television.

The TV host was seen laying down on a field talking about how you can get drunk on the Hawstone brew.

One-day little plant when you’re all big and grown-up, you’re going to be Hawkstone lager, and you’re going to make everyone p***ed," he said.

While it looks like a pretty innocent ad, it seems like it was too much for regulators and they have prevented Clarkson from being able to show it on TV.

The former Top Gear host took to Instagram to express his frustration with the advert's removal.

“Irritatingly, this ad has been banned because it turns out, you aren’t allowed to say that drinking lots of lager will make you drunk.," he said on social media.

This isn't the first time Clarkson has courted controversy while promoting his lager made from barley grown on his Diddly Squat Farm.

Oxfordshire Live reports that in December last year, a different ad was pulled because of profanity.

In the ad, he said: “It’s watched Roman armies march past, and the Normans, and the plague, and the Luftwaffe, druids, new romantics and punks... And now it’s watching me standing in front of it, drinking some lager – lager that I’ve made in its honour.” 

While indulging in a pint, he added: “F*** me, that’s good.” 

Following the ad's ban, Hawkstone Lager took to their Instagram page with the caption: “He's not is f****** good!” 

The Advertising Standards Agency also pulled another one of Clarkson’s ads after the English broadcaster was seen on camera taking a sip of his beer in the morning, conflicting with organisation's regulation of alcohol served responsibly.

He said: “You can’t beat a cold, refreshing pint of my lager before heading out to work in the morning.”

Clarkson also took to his Instagram and said: “Anyone want to guess why this new Hawkstone lager commercial has been banned?”

Despite numerous promotions being terminated, Oxford Mail reports Hawkstone lager is the UK’s number one best-selling beer on Amazon.

Within its first eight hours of being launched, the British lager even out-sold major labels, including Budweiser, Corona and Stella Artois.

It just goes to show that any publicity is good publicity.

Featured Image Credit: Jeremy Clarkson/Instagram

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