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McDonald’s Has Dropped A Crème Brulée McFlurry And Pie In Australia

McDonald’s Has Dropped A Crème Brulée McFlurry And Pie In Australia

They say your summer body is made in winter. Well, that isn't happening this year thanks to this genius creation from Ronald McDonald.

They say your summer body is made in winter. Well, after this genius creation from Ronald McDonald, that certainly isn't happening this year.

That's right, people. The Golden Arches has gone and done it again and brought us a new pie and McFlurry flavour.

What is that flavour, we hear you ask.

Well, in the words of one-line-only character Zeke from High School Musical: "Crème Brulée!"

Yes, you read that correctly. Niche references aside, McDonald's has brought us a new fancy-pants option instead of an Apple Pie or Caramel McFlurry.

For the Crème Brulée Pie, it's a delicious serving of crème custard and burnt caramel chunks inside that delicious baked pastry pocket. Sounds like heaven, if you ask us.

Crème Brulée!

As for the McFlurry, well it's the best of both worlds.

It's a smashed up Crème Brulée Pie swirled through Macca's iconic vanilla soft serve ice cream.

And the pièce de résistance comes in a gooey helping of warm caramel sauce popped on top.

We're salivating and gaining weight just thinking about it.

Is this the ultimate winter snack from Macca's? Yes. That's a fact.

As well as adding these dreamy desserts to the menu, they've added a few savoury treats too. The Mighty Angus burger is back, plus Mozzarella Sticks with Chunky Tomato Relish.

Sounds like a decent meal, followed by a delectable dessert if you ask us.

McDonald’s Marketing Director Tim Kenward revealed that this winter it's all about getting snuggled up with McDonald's.

"Macca’s is giving us another reason to get the gang together and cosy up this winter with delicious new and returning menu items," he said, as per Delicious.

The Mighty Angus is BACK.

"Our winter menu includes the iconic Mighty Angus, one of our customers’ most requested items, a brand-new range of desserts featuring Crème Brulée flavours, and Mozzarella Sticks for the snack lovers."

He added: "These items offer delicious flavour combinations for every Aussie winter moment, whether it be a night in with family or a gathering with friends."

Well Tim, send our regards straight to the big guy upstairs.

No, not God. Ronald McDonald himself.

Because you had better believe we are already ordering a box of these tasty treats right now.

The new and returning menu items will be available across Macca’s restaurants nationwide from July 6 for a limited time only.

So don't delay - wrap your gob around that crème brulée goodness tout suite.

At least before the Hamburgler steals them all for himself, the sneaky devil.

Featured Image Credit: McDonald's.

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