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McDonald's Is Finally Bringing Its McPlant Burger Back To Australia

McDonald's Is Finally Bringing Its McPlant Burger Back To Australia

Following successful trials in the US, the vegetarian burger will be arriving down under.

Vegans and vegetarians get ready because McDonald’s is bringing the McPlant burger back to Australia.

The McPlant burger is in collaboration with plant-based meat substitute company Beyond Meat and will be available across 270 stores in Victoria as a trial.

Ever since the McVeggie was taken off the menu, it left all plant-based eaters reeling and forced them to settle for a few chippies or garden salad.

But alas, our vego prayers have been answered as the new menu addition comes with a juicy patty, onions, tangy pickets, crisp shredded lettuce, tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, mayo and a slice of melty American cheese wedged between two warm sesame buns.

Thomas Faull/Alamy Live News

Excuse me while I wipe away the drool from the corner of my mouth.

But if you want to make the burger vegan, just ask to hold the mayo and cheese. However, vegans have been advised that the McPlant patty is cooked on the same grill as meat-based products and eggs.

The food-chain giant issued a statement revealing the new menu item adding: "Macca’s is always testing new menu items and flavours, as part of its ongoing commitment to innovation and choice.

"The McPlant gives customers another delicious menu option, alongside their usual favourites."

However, the McPlant burger will only run for a limited time between July 6-November 1, so make sure you pick up one of these bad boys before this offer ends.

Many took to Twitter to express their excitement for the highly anticipated burger, with one person writing: “FINALLY the McPlant burger has arrived in Australia!!!!!”

Another said: “Don't eat McDonald's often, but the Mcplant is good though for me to probably never have a meat burger again.”

A third person commented: “The McPlant burger is a GAMECHANGER.”

While another wrote: “I can confirm McDonald's McPlant burger is delicious! I think I like it better than the McVeggie, which I also thoroughly enjoyed!”

Currently, the burger is available in the US after a trial in November that exceeded expectations.

Due to the successful test run, the item was added to more than 600 stores in San Francisco, California and Dallas, Texas, according to CNBC.

Following the release of the McPlant in the US, Beyond Meat’s stock rose to nearly three per cent, while shares of McDonald’s stakes were up by one per cent as well.

I mean that’s one way to hard launch, and we can’t wait until it arrives down under.

Featured Image Credit: Thomas Faull / Alamy Live News. Alamy.

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