Joe Biden Plans To Get Rid Of The Muslim Travel Ban On His First Day

Joe Biden Plans To Get Rid Of The Muslim Travel Ban On His First Day

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MMA Fighter Absolutely Decks Male Opponent Nearly Four Times Her Size

MMA Fighter Absolutely Decks Male Opponent Nearly Four Times Her Size

Spectators have been baffled and amazed from a Russian MMA fight that has gone viral a very different reason.

It wasn't an incredible knockout or slick submission that was the cause of all the headline, it was simply what two opponents looked like.

Professional MMA fighter Darina Madzyuk competes at 139 pounds (63kgs) and she took on YouTuber Grigory Chistyakov, who weighed in at 529 pounds (239kgs) for his exhibition clash.

Let's just say it didn't end too well for the fella.


While he initially tried to bear hug his far-smaller opponent, his sheer size and reach advantage didn't get him far. Madzyuk, who competes at bantamweight, quickly took control of the fight with her superior striking.

At one point in the contest, Chistyakov looked like he'd taken the upper hand after pinning Madzyuk up against the cage with his body weight.

But after the referee finally separated the two, it wasn't long before the pro mixed martial artist's skill set got her out of trouble and she started landing some devastating shots to the head.

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A well-timed right hand dropped Chistyakov and after some viscous ground and pound the bout was eventually waved off by the referee.

While it's still unclear what promotion the duo were fighting for, it hasn't stopped MMA fans and experts from wading in. Footage of the strange match-up flooded social media and people didn't quite know what to make of the spectacle.

Some heaped praise on the duo while others - including UFC referee Marc Goddard - slated the event.

"This is what we are dealing with in 2020," Goddard said. "This is what we are fighting against as the parallels and negative connotations are continually drawn.


"To outsiders and detractors, this is MMA. Shameful. Sickening. Abysmal."

Either way, the sheer size difference made for an interesting spectacle, something we don't often see since weight classes were introduced in UFC in 1997.

And after seeing these events unfold in Russia, you can't imagine they'd be scrapping the divisions anytime soon.

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