The No Fizzy Drinks King Has Celebrated A Whole Year Without The Devil's Juice

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The No Fizzy Drinks King Has Celebrated A Whole Year Without The Devil's Juice

Rohit Roy has reached an unbelievable milestone in his quest to avoid soft drinks.

The social media legend has clocked a full 365 days, aka a whole year, without touching any sugary carbonated drinks.

He's uploaded a video marking the historic occasion and thanked his fans for sticking with him through his highs and lows.


Rohit said: "This is the same place, same sofa, where I made my Day 1 video. At that time I was addicted and lazy, but today I'm out of my addiction and active.

"Please continue with providing me with love and support, and thank you very much once again. And no fizzy drink for me today."

He reset his counter when he reached 100 days of no fizzy drinks when he embarked on a weight loss journey.

Rohit was recruited to be WW ambassador and he kept his followers abreast of how he was staying fit and healthy, while also abstaining from the fizzy drinks.


Mr Roy was hit with a devastating circumstance earlier this year when he logged into his account to notch another day on the calendar. For some unknown reason he couldn't get in.

It was quickly apparent that he had been locked out and all his videos were deleted and replaced with a few bizarre clips from the UEA.

People flooded the five random videos with angry comments calling for 'justice for Rohit'.

Credit: Rohit Roy/TikTok
Credit: Rohit Roy/TikTok

Thankfully, he still had the likes of Youtube and Instagram to continue spreading his inspiring message of perseverance, consistency and good health. But TikTok was his bread and butter and it was a crisis that he was locked out.

After a panicked few days, TikTok gave him back the keys to the social media castle and he was able to continue posting his videos.

Back when his no fizzy drinks journey was in the double digits, he told 7News: "I won't say I'm a big deal, but I am lucky to have the support of people helping me on my journey."

He was encouraged to give up the unhealthy liquids after noticing he was knocking back several every day.


"I was having two or three cans a day. That becomes a lot in the long run. I don't miss the fizzy drink because of the huge support and motivation I get from people," he said.

"I tried stopping a few times before but then I started back. Since I started TikTok I am having so much support, and I haven't had any drinks."

Featured Image Credit: Rohit Roy/TikTok

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