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The world’s oldest dog ever has celebrated his 31st birthday

The world’s oldest dog ever has celebrated his 31st birthday

Now THIS is what we call a very good boy.

Stop what you are doing and pay attention right now as Bobi, the world's oldest dog in history, has just celebrated another birthday.

Born on May 11 way back in 1992, Bobi has completed another full trip around the sun to turn 31 years of age.

So what do you do when you share a house with an actual living legend who keeps on cementing his place in the record books with each passing day?

Well, you throw the delightful doggo a massive rager to celebrate.

Bobi the brilliant birthday boy will have his very own party in his village of Conqueiros, Portugal, on Saturday May 13 to mark the incredible and special occasion.

He will celebrate being the best-ever birthday boy with his family, friends, locals and loved ones with an eye watering 100 people - yes, one hundred - set to attend.

Seriously, people are coming from around the world.

There will be cake, a dance troupe, and lots of laughs to be had as his humans, the Costa family, throw him the ultimate knees-up.

According to Bobi's owner, 38-year-old Leonel Costa, the day will be a 'very traditional' Portuguese party.

Of course, that is not at all surprising as Bobi is one cool, calm, and collected canine.

Bobi and one of his cat companions, Ceguinho in 2022.
Guinness World Records

Guests will dine on exquisite local meat and fresh fish.

The birthday boy himself will also get his own serving, as he only eats human-grade food anyway.

Perhaps that's his secret to his impressive age and staggeringly good looks? Who knows, really, as Bobi is keeping his lips sealed about that little age-defying tidbit.

Costa told Guinness World Records that since February, when Bobi became the world's oldest dog and the oldest dog in history, well, he's become quite a celebrity.

"They’ve come from all over Europe, as well as the USA and even Japan," Costa revealed.

Bobi has taken it all in his stride, of course, however the sudden influx of new people to rub his belly did take a bit of a toll on his health.

"There were a lot of pictures taken and he had to get up and down many times. It wasn’t easy for him," Costa said, before confirming that Bobi has bounced back and is in good health.

But now he’s in ship-shape condition and is ready to party.

Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, a type of Portuguese farm dog that usually has an average life expectancy of about 12 to 14 years.

Bobi, aged seven, in 1999.
Guinness World Records

Obviously, he's well and truly eclipsed that.

The former oldest dog in history, an Aussie Cattle Dog named Bluey, held his record for almost a century until Bobi came along.

Bluey was 29 years and five months old when he passed away in 1939.

He's also thought to be the inspiration for the ABC's smash-hit kids show about a dog named - you guessed it - Bluey.

So, all we need now is a volunteer to make a television show about Bobi.

To any TV studio executives out there that may be reading this: It's time.

Give Bobi the birthday boy his own show as it's the content the world wants and needs right now.

Featured Image Credit: Guinness World Records

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