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People Horrified By This 23-Step Guide Of Turning A Doll Into A Wine Glass

People Horrified By This 23-Step Guide Of Turning A Doll Into A Wine Glass

Feast your eyes upon this cursed guide to create the goblet of your worst nightmares.

Nothing beats a glass of wine after a long, hard day at work. Unless it's from a wine glass made from a doll's head, of course.

Wait, you've never, ever fancied drinking wine from a severed, lobotomised, and cut open doll's head?

Well, same to be honest. We assume you're in the same boat as pretty much everyone else on the planet.

Regardless of literally no one asking for this, some internet wildcard has decided the world needed a 23-step tutorial explaining in great detail how you can make this cup of nightmares a reality.

The guide has resurfaced on the diWHY section of Reddit and people have understandably got a few questions.


Basically, the guide goes like this: buy a plastic doll, remove its head from its body, cut the poor thing's head open, remove the hair, waterproof it, and then jam it onto a spike/plastic wine glass stem and, voilà, you have the world's most cursed wine glass to drink from.

And all it took was 23 easy steps. Unsurprisingly, pretty much everyone was alarmed.

One user commented: "How to not make such abomination in one step: Don't."

Another added: "I shall drink from the skulls of my enemies! - Preschool Edition."

A third just questioned the amount of steps it would take to make something so next-level unnecessary.

"I could do it in like seven, maybe. And the seventh step is pondering the poor life choices that led you to making wine glasses out of doll heads," the person said.

Oh goodie.

Edith Zimmerman was the brains behind this incredible creation and she explained how you're meant to waterproof this bad boy.

"Now plug up the empty hair-holes in her scalp. Nail polish, I guess?," she explained in an article of The Hairpin.

Zimmerman then added: "Also, this fine-art project is definitely going to give you cancer (or has already given you cancer)."

Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool.

Well, that's one of the weirder corners of the internet explored for the day.

Now let's never speak of this again.

Featured Image Credit: Hairpin/Edith Zimmerman.

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