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Scott Morrison Accused Of Saying 'What The Country Needs Right Now Is The Church'

Scott Morrison Accused Of Saying 'What The Country Needs Right Now Is The Church'

The Prime Minister addressed gatherers at the Australian Christian Churches National Conference.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Scott Morrison has been accused of saying a rather controversial statement during a speech on the Gold Coast.

The Prime Minister was at the Australian Christian Churches National Conference this week and gave some remarks.

According to the Heritage Christian Church NT's Instagram page, Mr Morrison said what Australia needs right now is the church.

The statement from the Heritage Church, as well as an image of the Prime Minister surrounded on stage in what appears to be prayer, has gone viral on social media and people aren't happy.

There are also questions about how Scott Morrison travelled to the event, with flight logs showing a Royal Australian Air Force jet flying to the Gold Coast in the afternoon and flying back to Sydney in the evening.

One person said on Twitter: "I'm confused #auspol. Did #ScottyFromHillsong take time off, take a private jet to go to church? Is that what happened?"

Another added: "Well....if he keeps this up he may well alienate even his most loyal supporters. This reeks of Trumpism. It's pathetic. At one stage of my life I was grateful this crap didn't creep into politics. Now I am fearful it may become all too common."

A third wrote: "The fact that he is trying to keep this on the down-low is proof he doesn't intend to be honest or transparent with Australia. Our PM is deceitful and working against the interests of the majority."

LADbible has contacted the Scott Morrison's office to ask exactly what he said during the speech, how he travelled to the event and whether he was carrying out Prime Ministerial business at the event.

It's not the first time Mr Morison has been accused of being too comfortable with church and state.

He was mocked and criticised for asking people to pray for Australia back in 2019 at a Hillsong event.

Scott Morrison was brought on stage to lead a prayer, where he asked the Big Man to look out for the country's most vulnerable.

"Lord, we pray for all of those veterans in our country who are doing it tough," he told the roughly 20,000 people who were packed into the Pentecostal gathering - which is one of the largest in the world.

"We pray for young people who think about suicide and we pray Lord that you will break the curse of suicide.

"We proclaim it with veterans, we proclaim it with young people, we proclaim it with middle age people going through difficult trials, people suffering from mental health, we pray for remote Indigenous communities, young boys and girl...and we pray for all those families who live with disabilities...we pray you will give them peace and an avalanche of love.

"Lord, we pray for our country and thank you for it. But more than anything else, we thank you for Jesus and his love."

As he wrapped up, he added that he'd love God to provide Australia with a bit of rain.

Featured Image Credit: Heritage Christian Church​ NT

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