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Shocking Moment Motorist Drives Through Sydney Climate Protestors In The Street

Shocking Moment Motorist Drives Through Sydney Climate Protestors In The Street

One very peeved driver was not having a bar of the climate protest in the CBD and narrowly missed inflicting serious carnage.

A motorist has shockingly driven through climate activists who were protesting in Sydney's CBD.

Climate activist group Blockade Australia gathered in the city with the sole mission of causing 'disruption to the political and economic systems' of the city.

Protesters were seen walking into the heart of Sydney's CBD after gathering in Hyde Park.

It was in central Sydney that the climate activists had their run-in with a driver who didn't want to wait for them to pass by.

The protesters were walking across an intersection this morning (June 27) in the heart of the city when a driver in a grey SUV accelerated into the demonstrators, according to Sky News Australia.

He was caught on camera slowing down as he got close to the activists and others tried to jump in front to stop the driver.

Thankfully, no one was injured in the terrifying incident.

It's unclear what happened to the driver following the run-in.

The activism group has planned to plunge Sydney into chaos for the rest of the week.

One woman decided to block the Sydney Harbour Bridge Tunnel in her own personal form of activism. She was one of 11 people arrested in Sydney over the protests.

Others chanted, banged drums, pulled down signs, dragged bins into the middle of the road and blocked intersections as they charged through the city.

New South Wales Police scrambled to stop the procession before it reached the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Group numbers swelled from a handful of people to over 100 to cause traffic chaos.

Blockade Australia released a statement saying its demonstrations will call for 'mobilisation to resist climate destruction' that had begun when 'violence landed on this continent'.

"Sydney has developed into the political and economic capital of Australia," the statement said.

"It makes perfect sense to start at the guts of this system and disrupt its most important points."

The statement per Sky News added: "Disruption to the infrastructure of Australia's project of exploitation is essential in cutting through the climate denial that this system survives off."

This isn't the first time Blockade Australia have set out to disrupt commuters in the name of the environment.

In March two German students staged a dangerous protest and blocked traffic in Port Botany for two days in a row by suspending themselves from 10-meter high poles.

Their actions caused traffic chaos around Sydney Airport and the port.

The brothers were deported by the NSW Government shortly after the incident.

Featured Image Credit: Sky News Australia.

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