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The NRL's Fan Cardboard Cutout Offer Feature Divides Opinion

The NRL's Fan Cardboard Cutout Offer Feature Divides Opinion

One person paid to have their dog featured however another chose to have arguably the most prolific serial killer front and centre.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Since the NRL kicked off the 2020 season last week, the code had a brilliant idea to recreate the feeling of a stadium full of screaming fans.

Not only will people watching the game at home hear fake screaming blaring from the speakers, they'll also get to see little cardboard cutouts of people sitting in the stands.

For just $22, anyone can order a cutout to be placed in a seat during a match and you can upload an image of your choice.

While many have been chucking up photos of themselves, typically in club colours, there have been a few to upload 'different' images. One of the best so far has been Sydney Morning Herald reporter Matt Bungard putting up a picture of his dog to be featured.

The post has been shared across social media, with many saying it was the best cutout in the stands during the match between the Sydney Roosters and the South Sydney Rabbitohs.

Someone else managed to upload a picture of controversial British Prime Minister adviser Dominic Cummings, who might have committed a 'minor breach' of Coronavirus guidelines.

Cummings has previously claimed that he drove his four-year-old son and wife to the tourist spot in order to check his eyesight.

Due to it being a pretty high profile issue in the UK, someone must have thought it would be hilarious to have his face emblazoned on a cardboard cutout at the NRL.

However, the jokes took a dark turn when people noticed a notorious serial killer in the crowd.

The image of Harold Shipman wouldn't jump out at people who are unfamiliar with the British doctor, who was convicted of killing 15 people at his practice in 2000. However, those who know the horrific things he did to his victims were shocked to see his face in the stands.

His total victim count could be as high as 250.

Opinion was divided about Shipman's inclusion, with some people thinking it was funny to have him sandwiched amongst genuine fans while others thought people like this shouldn't ever be included.

People have promised to use the offer to chuck up other figures from history but the NRL will probably be casting a keen eye on all cutouts from now on.

Featured Image Credit: NRL

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