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The Welsh Pronunciation Of The Number 100 Sounds Literally Like C**t

The Welsh Pronunciation Of The Number 100 Sounds Literally Like C**t

It's an innocent translation however it sounded unbelievably rude.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

Accents, languages and pronunciations are a fascinating and intricate part of this world.

While there can be massive similarities between some people's tongues, there can also be massive differences.

This couldn't be more apparent than when you want to say the English word for one hundred in Welsh.

You wouldn't be alone in thinking there might not be a hell of a big alteration considering the countries are next to each other, but you would be very wrong.

Videos have popped up all over social media showing how when you ask Alexa to give you the pronunciation, it comes back sounding a lot like c**t.

One person wrote on Twitter: "Day 2 in isolation and my dad's repeatedly asking Alexa to say 100 in welsh because it sounds like c**t. He's 60 years of age."

Another said: "My dad just asked Alexa what 100 in welsh is and it sounds like it says cu**t and he is cry laughing and keeps making her say it over and over again."

A third added: "I asked Alexa what 100 is in Welsh and she called me a c**t. Flushed face ...Yes I still have the mentality of a 13 year old boy. Why do you ask?"

When you look it up, the word for 100 in the Welsh language is spelt either 'can' or 'cant' depending on what follows afterwards.

That's only one letter difference from the extremely offensive swear word and when it's said as bluntly as Alexa then it's no wonder people get the two mixed up.

People have been pointing out on social media how different languages can be manipulated for hilarious scenarios.

For example, if you ask someone from France to translate 'Your uncle mows your tuna', it turns into 'ton tonton tond ton thon'. Clearly that English phrase means absolutely nothing, but it's brilliant all he same.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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