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Group Of Vegan Protestors Storm Australian Restaurant And Yell At Diners

Group Of Vegan Protestors Storm Australian Restaurant And Yell At Diners

One diner eventually snatched their megaphone and threw it outside.

Stewart Perrie

Stewart Perrie

A group of vegan protestors have stormed into a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia to tell people about their issues with meat eaters.

Members of Direct Action Everywhere carried out the coordinated event at the eatery in Subiaco last night (Sunday, August 16).

They carried signs saying 'did your food have a face?' while a person with a megaphone dished out information about the process of turning animals into food.

The protestor with the megaphone can be heard saying: "It's not food, it's violence. Humane slaughter is a lie."

Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

Another person yelled: "They spend their whole lives inside factory farms for a few minutes of your taste pleasure."

The rally was live-streamed on the Direct Action Everywhere Facebook page, which has been liked and shared by hundreds of people.

The video shows diners quietly sitting and continuing to eat while the protestors carried out their 'disruption'.

Supporters of the protest commented on the Facebook video praising them for their actions.

One person wrote: "How can they keep shovelling those animal parts into their mouths without feeling it stick in their throats?"

Another added: "Brave compassionate young people. Thank you for doing what you are doing."

Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

A third said: "Thank you for speaking for the voiceless. The restaurant guests were undoubtedly inconvenienced and while their initial reaction may have been denial, I bet they had gone home thinking about it, talking about it, and deep down, some of them maybe start seeing the point."

At one point, a staff member tells the group that they're 'ruining everyone's dinner' and tries to get them to leave.

A diner explained that they were spoiling his anniversary meal. The protestor's megaphone was eventually snatched and thrown outside in a bid to get them out of the restaurant.

The group eventually left after a request was made by the restaurant manager. Police were called to the location, however, by the time they had arrived the group had left.

Direct Action Everywhere listed the event on their Facebook page in the lead up to the protest. It indicated that only 10 people were allowed to be involved, suggesting they had made a booking at the restaurant in order to be allowed in.

Under coronavirus rules, venues are only allowed to take bookings of up to 10 people and you aren't allowed to wander through the restaurant without a valid reason.

Featured Image Credit: Direct Action Everywhere/Facebook

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