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Woman Reveals What Happens When You 'Accidentally' Sit In A Bath For 16 Hours

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Woman Reveals What Happens When You 'Accidentally' Sit In A Bath For 16 Hours

A woman has gone viral for showing what happens when you 'accidentally' sit in a bath for 16 hours.

TikTok user @msdanalee uploaded the horrifying picture/video combo to her account and it's been viewed by more than half a million people.

The first shot is a static image of her feet side-by-side and they truly look terrifying.


The extra pruned feet look a far-cry away from what they're meant to look like. Dana then included a video suggesting her feet looked grey in person rather than her natural skin tone.

She captioned the post with: "What an accidental 16hr bath looks like omg. How do I revert my feet fast plz?."

Whether she dozed off for a really long time or the time just got away from her, sixteen hours is a lengthy time period to be sitting in very slowly cooling water. If she did fall asleep, surely she would've woken up once it got cold.

That was the main question on everyone's lips as they viewed the video.


Many took to the comments section to ask how does one sit in a tub for nearly three-quarters of a day and not have any other issues.

One person said 'wait, but how was [it] an accident?' while another asked 'how did you not drown?'. Both are pretty valid questions.

A third chimed in with: "What the water gets cold after like 30-40 mins what were you still doing in there?"

Credit: msdanalee/TikTok
Credit: msdanalee/TikTok

Sadly for us, we haven't got an answer because Ms Dana Lee hasn't answered any of the questions building up on her video. Could this all be an elaborate camera trick or just a straight up lie? We'll never know.

If you've ever wondered why your skin goes the way it does after being submerged in water for an extended period of time then please let us explain.

According to the BBC, wrinkled fingers 'are signs of an intact nervous system' and they suggest 'whether the sympathetic nervous system is functional in patients that are otherwise unresponsive'.

Scientists haven't been able to agree on how humans have evolved to have this response. Neurobiologist Mark Changizi once suggested it was similar to having decent tread on your tyres and became a part of the human condition to give us more traction when it's wet.

Featured Image Credit: msdanalee/TikTok

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Stewart Perrie
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