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Woman Says Her Period Blood Face Mask Leaves Her Skin Silky Smooth

Stewart Perrie


Woman Says Her Period Blood Face Mask Leaves Her Skin Silky Smooth

While some people might shy away from the idea of period blood, one woman has not only embraced it mentally, but physically as well.

Brittani LaBouff is from Las Vegas and uses her monthly flow to create 'moon blood masks'.

The 31-year-old claims the mixture leaves her skin feeling silky soft.

She says people need to give up their 'fears and disgust' around period blood realise that it's a perfectly natural and normal bodily process.

"What has society has taught us to feel about this monthly cycle? That it's an inconvenient, painful, messy, smelly, annoying, embarrassing, laborious thing," she said.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

"So much so that now there are birth control methods that can be implanted into someone that ebbs their flow completely - while the implant is in place.

"For me, this is a practice to reclaim my power. To wear my creative potential and honour the divine feminine energy within me, that is awakened to the connectedness in all life, in all things, and how all things are birthed through the mother archetype.

"We are intelligent, creative beings, capable of change, growth, birth, life and death. The monthly cycle is a beautiful, ongoing portrayal of that process."

Brittani first tried the moon blood mask a year ago when she took an interest in skincare.

She uses a menstrual cup to collect the blood, but she places it just outside of the cervix because she believes that lessens the risk of harmful bacteria invading the sample.

Then she either uses her fingers or a paintbrush to smear the blood onto her face. She'll let it sit on there for up to 15 minutes and then will wash it off.

Brittani claims that not only does it make her facial complexion feel silky smooth, but she has a 'deepened energetic connection with her menstrual cycle.

Credit: Caters
Credit: Caters

She said: "I am not a dermatologist, but it would seem that this may not be a great practice for those with active acne outbreaks or open sores. Use your intuition to know if this practice is for you.

"I also store my moon blood sometimes for future art use, but only recommend using blood from the day one harvest for face masks."

Since going public with her skincare routine, she says she's been overwhelmed with positive and negative feedback.

"People saying things like 'disgusting', 'so f**king gross', etc are easy to overlook, because hey, when I was under the veil of illusion that my period was a burden, I was there too," she said.

She added: "I was honestly shocked at how many misinformed responses there have been. Many are unaware of what the ovulation cycle is comprised of, that blood is shed naturally and not 'rejected' from the body."

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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Stewart Perrie
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