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Learner driver spotted casually cruising around in Lamborghini Aventador

Learner driver spotted casually cruising around in Lamborghini Aventador

People couldn't believe someone who was just getting started on the road was in such a high-powered car.

Getting your Learner's License is a wonderful thing as you finally get to step into the big wide world.

Whether you get a car of your own or you have to drive around in one of your parents' vehicles, it's pretty cool to finally sit in the driver's seat and cruise around.

But you can imagine the utter shock and surprise people had when they spotted one car in particular driving on a freeway with L-plates on.

A photo has been posted on the Melbourne Car Spotters' Facebook page and it shows the unmistakable yellow plates on a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV.

That vehicle casually has a top speed of 350km/h, which would certainly be a wild ride for someone just getting started on the road.

The picture was snapped on Melbourne's Eastern Freeway and the Facebook account wrote: "This Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV was spotted yesterday afternoon being driven by a 16-year-old after school pickup."

Facebook/Melbourne Car Spotters/@benjamin_kemp03
Facebook/Melbourne Car Spotters/@benjamin_kemp03

That would be one hell of a moment rocking up to school in this bad boy.

However, the post sparked a huge discussion in the comments section.

One person wrote: "This blows my mind! P players are restricted from high powered vehicles, but because you're supervised as a learner it's ok to be given the feeling of the power! Ludicrous."

Another added: "Absolutely love this!!! I learned in a Rolls Royce, Merc, Porsche & Beemer … but our Ferrari was off limits. My kids in a Range Rover and a Merc. It is what it is."

A third said: "I didn’t think you were allowed to drive such powerful cars! Especially a learner driver!!"

People were gobsmacked that L-platers, who are usually teenagers, would be allowed to drive such a high-powered vehicle.

However, those are the rules.

According to Which Car, 'Learner permit holders are permitted to drive any registered vehicle in Victoria'.

It's once you get into the Probationary Licenses that you're restricted on what you can and can't drive.

That's because when you're a Learner, you have to have a supervisor with you at all times behind the wheel.

Which Car states: "P1 and P2 probationary licence holders must not operate a vehicle with a power-to-weight ratio higher than 130 kilowatts per tonne or if its engine has been modified after manufacture to increase performance.

"This restriction applies to all vehicles in Victoria, including those with a club permit."

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Melbourne Car Spotters/@benjamin_kemp03

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