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Levi Davis' mum 'doesn't know what to believe anymore' as she hits out at Spanish Police

Levi Davis' mum 'doesn't know what to believe anymore' as she hits out at Spanish Police

Levi went missing in October 2022

Levi Davis' mum has admitted that she doesn't know what to believe anymore, following recent updates from police over his disappearance.

Davis, who had appeared on X Factor back in 2019, was last seen in Barcelona's city centre at 10.05pm on 29 October.

The rugby player's disappearance is being investigated by Catalan police, as well as his mum Julie, who travelled from Solihull in the West Midlands to Barcelona to retrace her son's steps.

Levi Davis' mum has said she doesn't know what to believe anymore.

At first, there were concerns that a crime might have been committed in connection with Davis' disappearance.

But shortly after his mum Julie arrived in Barcelona to investigate what happened to her son, she was informed by police that there was a chance he may have drowned in the city's port.

Police told Julie that they had received reports of a man in the water calling out to staff onboard a cruise ship for help at around 6.30am on 30 October.

While cruise ship staff confirmed to police that they threw a life jacket out to the man in distress, and that emergency sea and rescue services had searched for him, they couldn't find or retrieve him from the water.

Staff also confirmed specific details about the man they had seen in the water, including the colour of his clothing and that he had asked for help in English.

Not only that, but Davis' passport had been discovered around the area of the port back in November, and his mobile had last been registered with a phone tower at the far end of the port.

Levi Davis has been missing since 29 October.
REUTERS / Alamy Stock Photo

This update has obviously been quite shocking for mum Julie, who admitted she's struggling with the pace of the Spanish police's investigation.

"Why is this information about the cruise ship staff only coming months later?," she asked The Sun.

"I don’t know what to believe anymore.

“I know the Spanish police can be slow but I can’t make head nor tail of it.

"There’s lots of answers to questions that I need to know."

Julie added that it's 'disheartening' when you ask police questions and are given 'very limited feedback.'

Police suspect that Levi's disappearance could be linked to reports of a man struggling in the city's port.
Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

"They say, ‘We can’t tell you that because it will jeopardise the case.’ It’s been a total emotional rollercoaster," she said.

The concerned mum noted that the evidence isn't looking good right now, but said that 'without a body, there’s just no way of knowing what’s happened.'

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