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Lilt is being listed for £100 on eBay with demand for 'original' cans

Lilt is being listed for £100 on eBay with demand for 'original' cans

Popular soft drink Lilt has been discontinued by owners Coca-Cola, but some cans of the 'original' stuff are on eBay

The UK has been rocked to its very core at the news that tropical-flavoured soft drink Lilt has been discontinued by Coca-Cola.

It wasn't the most mainstream of drinks, but you were reaching for something else when you were grabbing a can of Lilt, and it turns out there are some people desperate to experience that feeling in their life just one more time.

Lilt has been going for 50 years and while their drinks are getting folded into the Fanta line of products to be reborn as Fanta Pineapple & Grapefruit, you know it's just not going to be the same.

You can still have what is functionally the same liquid with just the branding on the can that's different, but do you want to chug down some Fanta spin-off, or would you prefer to be drinking your Lilt like a god among men?

In fairness, we surely knew this move was coming, as last year Coca-Cola decided Lilt was going to be canned in Australia and replaced by a new flavour of Sprite.

Still, you can never truly prepare for the day when you go strolling down the supermarket aisles and all the Lilt has been replaced by Fanta.

If you're feeling unwise and want to part with £100 there's a big bottle of Lilt on eBay.

Some people are so desperate to grasp a can of Lilt in their hands once again, including one London-based man who has offered £100 in cash to anyone who can bring them 20 cans of discontinued Lilt.

While that weird fetch-quest is going on, others who possess some of the last vestiges of Lilt sold in the UK are looking to move it on for high prices.

In the land of the Lilt-less the one canned man is king, and some enterprising sorts have taken to putting the last of the Lilt stock on eBay for large prices in the hopes that somebody will pay up for one final taste of the genuine article.

One seller went so far as to list a 500ml bottle of Lilt on eBay for £100, although that might be a bit much as other places are selling packs of 24 cans of the stuff for £25.

You know you can still buy this stuff for a decent price, right? At least for now.

One can only hope that in their fervour to taste Lilt one final time Brits don't lose their minds, like in the Great Prime Rush of literally just a few months ago where bottles of the energy drink were sold for massive amounts.

Then again, when something gets axed you can always count on eBay sellers to find a stash and put it on sale for a ridiculous amount.

A couple of years ago, people were selling discontinued McDonald's plastic straws for thousands of pounds.

Maybe hang onto those cans of Lilt, they might be worth even more than £100 one day.

Featured Image Credit: Ben Gingell / Alamy eBay

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