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Kids are storming supermarkets and cleaning shelves out of Prime energy drink after restock

Kids are storming supermarkets and cleaning shelves out of Prime energy drink after restock

Logan Paul and KSI's sports drink Prime costs £1.50 a pop, but is now being sold for significantly higher on eBay

Kids are storming supermarkets to clear the shelves of Prime energy drink after they were restocked, leaving other customers ‘disappointed’. Check out the video here:

Logan Paul and KSI recently launched their new energy drink after announcing the product earlier this year - having led many to believe they would be stepping into the ring to battle it out, only to surprise the internet by revealing that they had bought out a drinks company.

And in turn, the sports drink - called Prime and costing £1.50 a pop - has become something of a viral craze, with footage showing youngsters rushing to supermarkets to get their fix, and many shops are being forced to impose a limit on the number they are allowed to purchase in one go. 

Kids have been clearing out the shelves.

Twitter feed @prime_tracker has been sharing updates online, with one video showing kids storming what appears to be the Asda in Romford, London, while another showed similar scenes at the Castlepoint superstore in Bournemouth. 

Demand for the drink has proven so high that they are now being flogged on eBay for at least 10 times the price – with The Sun reporting that individual bottles being sold for as much as £60. 

People are selling the drinks on eBay.

Even empty bottles are being sold on the site, with the items going for much more than the original price.

An Asda staff member told the outlet that their store had seen around 30 youngsters ready to rush inside as they opened for the day. 

Even empty bottles are being flogged.

They said: “On Sunday we finally had a fresh delivery and there were about thirty kids outside before we had opened. 

“At 9.30am we had a member of security outside trying to keep it all under control. As soon as the doors opened they sprinted for the energy drink aisle.

“It was chaos, they cleared the shelves within minutes and were pushing and shoving each other to get their hands on some.”

A disappointed customer added: “I was really looking forward to getting some Prime, I was looking forward to it all day. I'll keep trying to get some.” 

A spokesman for Asda said in a statement: “Prime is available in all of our larger superstores and we are pleased that customers are enjoying it. 

“We know how popular this product is and we would like to assure customers that our stores are regularly receiving stock.” 

LADbible has reached out to Asda for further comment.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@PrimeTracker

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