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Liver King does bicep curls outside Buckingham Palace in truly bizarre scenes

Liver King does bicep curls outside Buckingham Palace in truly bizarre scenes

Liver King turned up at Buckingham Palace and started doing reps this summer

Footage has gone viral showing internet personality Liver King getting in some bicep curls outside of Buckingham Palace.

For those who don't know, Liver King - aka Brian Johnson, aka a very muscly man from Texas - lives off a diet of animal organs.

The very strange moment was caught on camera during Johnson's visit to the UK over summer, and officers on the other side of the palace gates could be seen giggling as Liver King pumped a bit of iron before telling them: “I’m Liver King.”

Needless to say, the clip was quickly picked up on by the internet, and started doing the rounds across various platforms again this week.

Beneath the footage, one person very cleverly wrote: “He Windsor Internet today,” while another added: “Sometimes you just gotta flex on them.”

“I’m crying laughing this is incredible.. lol ‘I’m here, the liver king,'" quipped a third Twitter user.

Liver King, who claims to live off a raw meat-only diet, has built up quite an internet following via his Herculean physique and bat-s**t culinary choices.

But while Liver King swears by his ‘ancestral’ eating habits, back in May, a doctor warned against following his lead, saying ‘there's seriously no fibre in any of this food’.

Posting a video of himself chowing down on raw egg and liver, Liver King declared: “Who needs vegetables, when you can eat testicles?"

Earlier this week, Liver King turned up at Buckingham Palace and started doing reps.

Surgeon and social media personality Dr Anthony Youn responded with a video of his own, saying: “How does he poop? There's seriously no fibre in any of this food and I have friends who eat no vegetables and I swear they sit on the can for an hour."

He added: “I would have to stick my hand up my butt and pull out literal boulders", before saying he’d rather be known as 'Green Smoothie King' to avoid such bowel complications.

Plenty of people had their say in the comments, with one user suggesting: "Maybe it’s why he is angry all the time, he is quite literally full of it", while another said, “This cannot be good for anyone.”

However, not everyone was as grossed out by the raw meat diet, with one person claiming that it actually helped them: “I do the carnivore diet and have no issues with going to the bathroom ever.”

Liver King changed his life around 20 years ago after noticing that his children kept getting ill, so he decided to cut out all processed foods and began following what he calls the 'Nine Ancestral Tenets', which dictates how he eats, exercises and sleeps.

Featured Image Credit: @liverking/Instagram/@WelshSocialism/Twitter

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