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People are only just noticing Liz Truss' bizarre old Instagram posts

People are only just noticing Liz Truss' bizarre old Instagram posts

Expect puns, awkward eye contact and lots of hashtags

Politics aside (if you can for a minute), our prime ministers have had their weird moments.

From awkward dancing and running in 'fields of wheat' a la Theresa May to Boris Johnson's multiple gaffes, including his bizarre zip-wiring across the capital when he was mayor, politicians can sometimes not be the most social-savvy.

And our most recent head of government is no exception as people are just realising just how strange Liz Truss' Instagram posts are.

On one Instagram post, Truss can be seen wearing ski glasses with a bizarre caption: "Snowflake? More like #flakedout. #creamcrackered'," as a plethora of Instagrammers left comments retorting 'slay'.

And in one image at a brewery where she's holding a pint, she wrote: "See, I can organise a p**s-up in a brewery." One person who came across the picture this morning left a comment saying: "Are you still p**sed up? That might explain a few things." Instagram

In another post, the prime minister tries her hand at carpentry, as well as having a go at a punny caption. While sanding down some wood, she posed for the camera, with a caption reading: "Learning how to put together a cabinet at Christopher Clark, Downham Market".

And in response, viewers wrote: 'How's that going?' and 'lol great banter, Liz'.

Truss clearly loves her awful puns as in another picture, she can be found at an organic dairy farm where she really 'milked' the opportunity.

She captioned it: "Who says I'm milking it?..... #onemaidamilking #dairyqueen #udderlydelicious." Instagram

People trawling through Truss's Instagram to find evidence of her poor social game are really having a field day.

The puns, uncomfortable eye contact with the camera, and the cringeworthy hashtags are seemingly not going down well, as journalist Stuart Heritage wrote on Twitter: "Drives me nuts that this is just sitting there on Instagram and nobody is doing anything with it."

He then shared his own screenshot, which showed Truss dressed as the devil. The caption read: "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist #devilyouknow #theusualsuspect #happyhalloween." Instagram

And there are even more posts by Truss that have left us with some questions, including one with Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo at a Private Members Club.

The prime minister was shown posing with the TV personality at The Hurlingham Club in London, captioning the encounter: "It's Toff at the top."


She even took a selfie with Taylor Swift, which she captioned: 'Look what you made me do, Taylor', with the hashtag 'squad goals'.

Who would have guessed that she was a Swiftie? One commenter even asked if she'll be going to see Taylor on her next tour. Instagram

And there seems to be one caption that she seems to favour in particular.

In one image, the prime minster can be seen taking a beach day at the Norfolk Dunes. She shared a picture of herself relaxing in the sand, with caption reading: "tune in, dune in and chill out.' Instagram

She also used that phrase on another picture of some fish and chips, but doesn't specified if it comes from anywhere.

And this rate, who knows what we'll see next?

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