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Boris Johnson Leaves People Baffled By Signing Off Resignation Speech With 'Thems The Breaks'

Boris Johnson Leaves People Baffled By Signing Off Resignation Speech With 'Thems The Breaks'

The prime minister used the phrase after confirming his resignation

"I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world. But thems the breaks." - Boris Johnson, 2022.

Throughout his time in power Johnson has left many people baffled by confusing comments or controversial U-turns, and while giving a speech outside 10 Downing Street today (7 July) he made clear that's a trait he would be taking with him until the end.

The prime minister announced his resignation today following multiple calls for him to step down, and while addressing the British public he admitted there would be 'many people who are relieved', as well as 'perhaps quite a few who will be quite disappointed'.

Having previously fought against giving up his position as leader of the country, Johnson made clear today he wasn't happy with the decision as he described the role as the 'best job in the world' before adding his 'thems the breaks' comment.

Though his entire speech was a noteworthy point in his career, it was those three words that caught many people's attention and left them feeling shocked and confused.

Social media quickly lit up with questions and mocking comments, with one person asking: "‘thems the breaks’??? excuse me??? huh??? what???"

Another commented, "'thems the breaks' has to go down as the stupidest resignation line in all of history, I can’t stop laughing," while a third wrote: "THEMS THE BREAKS" ??? LOOOOL this man is so unserious."

According to Grammarist, the phrase originates from North America and is used to refer to occasions when the outcome isn't what you wanted or expected.

"Most especially," the site continues, "that there isn’t much to be done about it so one might as well accept it and move on."

The apparently flippant phrase prompted anger from a lot of listeners, many of whom accused Johnson of not taking his actions and decisions during his time in power seriously.

One drew attention to the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak and the current cost of living crisis as they quoted Johnson, responding: ""Thems the breaks," they say to the 180,000 dead of Covid, the families enduring the biggest benefit cut since WW2, the schoolkids denied catch-up funding. "Thems the breaks." All just a game to these people."

Another described themselves as 'absolutely mortified' by Johnson's decision to use the phrase, adding: "We endured far too many years of this awful person."

Following his resignation, Johnson will remain in power until a new leader is selected.

Featured Image Credit: BBC

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