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Logan Paul says he’s ‘not afraid’ to release $100,000 UFO footage

Stewart Perrie

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Logan Paul says he’s ‘not afraid’ to release $100,000 UFO footage

Logan Paul says he's in possession of something that is groundbreaking and he's not scared to drop it on the world.

It's something related to the cosmos and what lies amongst the stars.

It's something that everyone has wondered how in some capacity at least once in their lives.

It's something that has evaded experts for decades.


However, the YouTuber turned WWE wrestler reckons he has damning video evidence of a UFO.

On a recent episode of his Impaulsive podcast, Logan said the footage is pretty spicy and certainly raises the question of whether there really is life outside our planet.

It also raises the question of why an influencer/athlete has it.


Podcast co-host and friend Mike Majlak kicked off the chat by saying: "Jamie Foxx shares a previously unheard story about you going to purchase this pre-existing footage of aliens landing on the Earth for $100,000.

"[NFL player] Chuck Clarke, who has been gatekeeping this footage like a frickin OnlyFans girl, would not sell you the footage for a rack of hundreds right?

“So you said, hey man, do you mind just showing it to me? And while he showed it to you, you recorded it on a secret f**king camera?”

Pretty sneaky from Logan.


Who knows why an NFL player had the footage as well, but here we are.

Logan said: "I offered him $100,000 for this tape after I had seen it. Let me tell you this.

"He should have f***king taken the money cause I got the footage anyway.

Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo
Science History Images / Alamy Stock Photo

"And I’ll tell you why I did that because it’s a little twisted of me to put on a small button camera and go film UFO footage that isn’t mine."

But when they started talking about why this footage isn't out in the world, Logan said he'll release it when he's ready.

“Here’s the thing though, it’s not [Chuck's] either," he said.

"The people who shot it gave it to him and expected that he would keep it hidden for himself.


"It’s not his footage, he’s keeping very, what I thought at the time, important UFO, alien, extraterrestrial proof in his possession and not showing it.

"I think that is doing a disservice to the world.

"The most random, clouted people hit me up asking to see this footage and you know, I’m waiting.

"You know what I’m waiting for, I’m waiting for the right moment. I’m not afraid to release it.”

It sounds tantalising but we'll wait until we see it.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Impaulsive. Photo 12 / Alamy Stock Photo

Topics: Aliens, Logan Paul

Stewart Perrie
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