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Lord Sugar's 'racist' tweet has people demanding he be sacked by BBC

Lord Sugar's 'racist' tweet has people demanding he be sacked by BBC

People were not happy after the Gary Lineker scandal

Social media users have been left outraged after Lord Sugar appeared to post a racist tweet on Thursday (9 March).

The businessman, 75, took to the platform to make the controversial post after week ten of The Apprentice centred around a dog food challenge.

People want the BBC to take action against Lord Sugar after the Gary Lineker scandal.
Edward Moss / Alamy Stock Photo

This saw the business hopefuls challenged to create, design and market their own brand of dog food.

Tagging The Apprentice, Lord Sugar wrote: "I think the dog looked a bit sad as if he was going to appear in North Korea master chef."

This did not go down well with commentators, especially after the BBC forced Gary Lineker to step down from his role as Match of the Day host after making a controversial tweet where criticised the UK government over its handling of the migrant crisis, saying it was similar to language used in Nazi Germany.

The broadcaster claimed that they had to make the decision because of their commitment to impartiality.

Lord Sugar made the comment about a recent episode of the apprentice.
BBC / The Apprentice

Reacting to Lord Sugar's tweet, one Twitter user tagged the BBC and wrote: "Some casual racism but that’s OK wae @bbc."

"Seems very political based Alan," added a second before asking: "How are u able to be political and be employed by the BBC???"

"Do you ever stop and think before spewing casual racism?" questioned a third, while another wondered when the UK's leaders would call it out, writing: "Bit of casual racism to end a Thursday night. Just waiting on Mordaunt, Sunak etc to call this one out, might be a long wait though."

A fifth added: "Gary Lineker's tweet is beyond the pale @BBCNews but this racist tweet is ok?"

"Ah just a little bit of casual racism to end the evening. Fantastic just make sure you don't criticise the government," wrote one user. "You'll be fine."

The BBC has been slammed for dropping Lineker after he criticised the UK government.
Instagram / garylineker

Announcing Lineker's departure from Match of the Day, the BBC said that he would be unable to host the popular programme until they had reached 'an agreed and clear position on his use of social media'.

The broadcaster wrote in a statement: "The BBC has been in extensive discussions with Gary and his team in recent days. We have said that we consider his recent social media activity to be a breach of our guidelines.

"The BBC has decided that he will step back from presenting Match of the Day until we’ve got an agreed and clear position on his use of social media.

"When it comes to leading our football and sports coverage, Gary is second to none.

"We have never said that Gary should be an opinion-free zone, or that he can't have a view on issues that matter to him, but we have said that he should keep well away from taking sides on party political issues or political controversies."

LADbible has reached out to Lord Sugar's representatives for comment.

Featured Image Credit: BBC/Nigel Owen/Speed Media/Shutterstock

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