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Magic Spike Trick On TV Show Goes Horribly Wrong

Magic Spike Trick On TV Show Goes Horribly Wrong

The magician knew he had got it all wrong when the presenter screamed in agony following the unfortunate mishap

WARNING: Clip Below Contains Graphic Material

Resurfaced footage has emerged showing an audacious magic spike trick go horribly wrong. Watch below, if you dare:

The clip, which has been doing the rounds on Reddit, was captured back in 2016 and showcases an absolute blunder and a half.

The 'magical' segment was aired on Polish breakfast programme Question for Breakfast, where a Poland's Got Talent semi-finalist opts to perform a little trick in front of the cameras.

The magician attempted a 'Russian-roulette' demonstration with the use of a long metal spike that was placed in one of the four brown paper bags displayed on the table.

He started by slamming his own hand down onto one of the bags which, thankfully for him, didn't contain the spike.


The illusionist then had the host, Ms Rogalska, hold her hand over one of the paper bags and slam it down - onto one he said did not contain a hidden nail.

After giving a slight look of uncertainty, the host decides to give it a go.

Ms Rogalska then slams her hand down onto a paper bag chosen by the magician, only to scream out in horror as it becomes very apparent she had pounded her hand onto the one bag which did, indeed, contain a big metal nail.

Following the cry for help, the host was said to have been taken to hospital for 'superficial hand injuries' and was later given a tetanus shot.

Following the aftermath, Ms Rogalska appeared alongside the illusionist, and her co-presenter, to stress there was no bad blood with the talent show contestant.


Safe to say that she took that very well.

I very much doubt Piers Morgan would be so forgiving.

Well, those in the comments, of course, had their say.

One user joked: "He paused for a second, then realizing his career was over, escorted her off camera. buh-bye magic man..."

Another confessed: "I thought she was trolling him."

"It was at this moment he knew he had f***ed up," a third added.


A fourth joked: ""How to lose your Career as a Magician" by Dodgy Magician."

Someone else questioned: "Why did he hold her hand to slam down on it?

"Like she owed him something and he punished her in front of everyone."

A final user sarcastically wrote: "Smart move switching to her for the nail bag."

Featured Image Credit: PNS

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