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Major airport closed after activists broke onto runway and glued themselves to the tarmac

Major airport closed after activists broke onto runway and glued themselves to the tarmac

Travel plans were sent into utter chaos as protesters called on the public to stop using air travel.

A group of climate activists sent travel plans into chaos after they broke into the airfield and glued themselves to the tarmac.

Environmental activists from Letzte Generation (which translates to Last Generation) forced runways shut at Berlin Brandenburg Airport.

They also caused 13 flights to be diverted to alternate airports and saw five flights cancelled, leaving 750 passengers grounded.

Last Generation streamed their climate action on social media, with footage showing them cutting through a fence.

The video later showed protesters glued to the ground.

"Aeroplanes are no means of transport for common people. 80 per cent of people never ever went anywhere by plane," the group wrote on social media.

"Only one very wealthy percent is responsible for [the] emissions caused by air traffic."

The group also revealed a 70 year-old man was among them and taking part in the protest.

A spokesperson for the airport told Reuters the activists had entered the airport from the north and south.

Police have detained them, the spokesperson added.

"In an airport area that is not open to the public, we encountered several people who had previously gained unauthorised access and some glued themselves," Berlin police said on Twitter.

Some of the diverted flights instead landed in the neighbouring cities of Leipzig, Hanover, and Dresden.

Last Generation vowed this was 'just the beginning' after the two-hour shutdown ended.

Furious travellers took to social media to share their frustration.

One user said sarcastically: "About to start my second hour sitting on a stationary plane. Berlin Airport closed due to eco-protesters cycling somewhere on the runways. Police can't find them. Thankfully Ryanair has lavished us with free drinks and caviar to pass the time."

Another wondered how they managed to get onto the tarmac at all: "But, the question I have is how did the climate activists get to the Berlin airport?"

A third said: "These climate idiots are unbearable."

German Transport Minister Volker Wissing slammed activists in the wake of a number of protests in Berlin in recent weeks, which have wreaked havoc on public roads, intersections, and in front of government ministries.

Wissing said their protests are getting 'ever more unscrupulous' and 'society could not accept such behaviour'.

He also called on the law to 'take decisive action' against protesters.

Brandenburg's Interior Minister Michael Stübgen said Thursday's climate action was unjustifiable.

"I stand by it: anyone who intentionally puts others at risk for their worldview is not an activist, but a criminal," Stübgen said, as per Süddeutsche Zeitung.

The airport has since reopened.

Featured Image Credit: UprisingLastGen/Twitter.

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