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Maltese Politician Pledges €4,000 For Any Woman Who Gets Breast Implants

Maltese Politician Pledges €4,000 For Any Woman Who Gets Breast Implants

On International Women's Day, no less.

Politicians throw out all kinds of pledges in order to win the public’s vote, but perhaps none are quite so shocking as that proposed by this Maltese man

As reported by Lovin Malta, Nazarene Bonnici has promised to offer a €4,000 (£3,350) grant to any woman who wants to get breast implants as part of his campaign to become an independent MP. 

And he made the proposal on International Women’s Day, no less. 

In a video shared on the Maltese island publication’s Instagram page, Bonnici says: “I have a proposal for women on Women’s Day. 

“If the population puts their faith in me as an independent MP I will give women a grant to get breast implants.”

Surrounding constituents appear to laugh as he reveals his plan, and it appears he has a bit of a reputation for pulling such stunts. 

According to the outlet, he’s been the subject of jokes during his various election campaigns, but this latest one - where he’s running for the third and 13th districts - has sparked criticism. 

A number of people described his offer of financial assistance for breast implants as misogynistic and sexist. 


“Oh goodie...cause that's the most pressing issue on women of our time...small boobs,” wrote one person. 

Another offered up a more balanced approach, stating: “He should fork the same amount for men with small willies.”

Others took to the comments section to offer up their alternative opinions, including this person who pointed out: “Someone needs to inform him that to pass laws you need a majority in parliament - being an independent member of parliament is not enough.”

Just gonna sidestep the whole breast implant thing, huh?

Either way, it was a questionable statement to make, not least because it fell on International Women’s Day. 

The global holiday, which falls on 8 March each year, is supposed to be for celebrating the cultural, political and socioeconomic achievements of women.

While this politician demonstrates a lack of progression, he’s certainly not representative of Malta overall, with the country becoming the first in Europe to legalise cannabis in December last year. 


According to The Guardian, it will be legal to possess up to seven grams of the drug for people aged 18 and above, and it will permissible to grow up to four cannabis plants at home, with up to 50g of the dried product storable.

Definitely more than enough for a good blaze, right?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@lovinmalta