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Man going bald 'gets fringe tattooed on his head' then sees himself for first time

Man going bald 'gets fringe tattooed on his head' then sees himself for first time

Some people think it SURELY must be a joke

A man decided to go to extreme lengths to sort his balding barnet – having turned to a tattoo artist for help in what some are saying must be a 'joke' TikTok video.

While some people might try specialist products or even hair transplants when their locks start thinning, one bloke in Italy chose to try a slightly more unusual approach.

Gianluca, 26, was unhappy with his receding hairline, and wanted to do something about it.

Rather than follicular unit strip surgery, the preferred choice for those with a spare bit of cash, he went for an equally extreme approach.

He visited his local tattoo parlour, Gipsy.g Tattoo & Piercing in Fondi, Italy, to seek the help of artist Maria Gina Altobelli, asking if she could tattoo a fringe onto his forehead.

Gianluca went to visit his local tattoo artist.

Maria, 30, was shocked when Gianluca made the unexpected request – and even more surprised when she finished the job and was impressed with her work.

She recorded the process of tattooing Gianluca's head with the fringe design, with footage showing the gradual move from receding to full hairline.

His reaction says it all.

The artist then shows him the finished design in the mirror, with Gianluca appearing to start crying - and smirking.

Maria said: "Obviously, I was sceptical when he asked me for that tattoo, but in the end, I'm very happy with the work.

"It took us an hour to do it because I've been tattooing for six years now, so I'm very fast.

"I didn't expect all this virality of the video."

He had it done at Gipsy.g Tattoo & Piercing in Fondi, Italy.

The video of Gianluca’s makeover ended up going viral on TikTok, where it racked up more than 27 million views.

While Maria was happy with the results, not everyone thought it was a great look for Gianluca.

"I didn't trust the process and I was right,” one said.

Another wrote: "He's crying because he knew he had made a horrible mistake.”


Many felt it surely must have been a 'joke', with one writing: "It’s a joke can see him laughing when he turns to the mirror."

Someone else commented: “I hope this is a joke!”

Another added: "No, this can’t be real."

There are, of course, simpler ways to deal with a receding hairline.

A few years back, barber Glenn McGoldrick shared his tips on TikTok, saying: "If your hairline starts receding you have two options."

In a video, he showed how you can either 'pull some of the hair forward and shape it up' or go for a 'crop'.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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