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Man gets six-pack tattooed on belly to make sure he's 'summer ready'

Man gets six-pack tattooed on belly to make sure he's 'summer ready'

Rather than spending ages in the gym and going for a bodybuilder's diet one man decided to get his six pack a different way

A man has made sure that he's forever ready for the summer after getting a set of rock hard six-pack abs tattooed onto his belly.

It might seem a bit early to be thinking about getting ready for the warmer weather but we're already into the third month of 2023 and before you know it the sun will be shining down on us something fierce.

While for many people this will mean getting down the gym and adjusting their diet to eat the right things, one clever man has followed the maxim of 'work smarter, not harder' with an ingenious tattoo.

Clearly wondering why anyone would bother with the hard work of exercise and diet, he decided to just get the appearance of a six-pack without all the effort to get or maintain a toned belly.

The tattoo means he'll always have a body ready for summer and it only took him two days with a tattoo artist to achieve it, far less than he'd need to spend working up a sweat down at the gym.

Tattoo artist Dean planned out how he'd give his happy customer a great looking six-pack.

The work was done by Manchester-based tattoo artist Dean Gunther, who said he relished the challenge of tattooing a realistic six-pack onto someone after seeing other attempts at the same thing which ended up being disappointing.

Dean said: "He always wanted to have a six-pack but he's not too keen on going to the gym or doing a diet.

"So, he decided that by getting a six-pack tattoo, he will always look summer ready while still being able to enjoy beer and good food.

"I was excited to do this tattoo because I've seen someone do it before, but it didn't look realistic, and it was basic black outlines. So, I decided to take on this challenge and do it completely differently. It's been one of my most unusual requests, but I am all for it."

After two days in the tattoo artist's chair this man had a six-pack he could be proud of.
@dean.gunther/Caters News

All in all the six-pack tattoo actually looks pretty darn good, and given that it's going to be pretty visible you'd really be hoping it did for the sake of the guy who wanted it.

He's managed to avoid getting one of those absolutely horrific tattoos which everyone can see and just looks awful, instead managing to get inked in a way which means his belly could be mistaken for a six-pack from a distance.

It's also a tattoo that serves a practical purpose too, a bit like the woman who got 'L' and 'R' tattooed onto her hands so she'd always be able to tell left from right.

Here's hoping he enjoys his tattoo for years to come and impresses everyone when it's time to get shirts off for summer.

Featured Image Credit: Caters

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