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Man with bionic penis says doctor told him how big his penis was going to be

Man with bionic penis says doctor told him how big his penis was going to be

He lost his penis in a devastating accident as a child

It's no secret that penises come in all different shapes and sizes, but for a lot of people bigger is better.

Now, a man who had a bionic one fitted has revealed that he knew exactly how big his new penis was going to be ahead of time.

Mo Abad, from Edinburgh, Scotland, lost his penis way as a child in a car accident back in the 1970s - when the technology to create a new one simply didn't exist.

"My penis was totally ripped off," he told LADbible. "Every man has two testicles, as you know, one of them was completely destroyed and the other one, with the impact, got pushed up into my groin area."

He said that his journey to getting a new penis began within a year of the accident when doctors created a device that enabled him to go to the bathroom.

Mo has lived most of his adult life without a penis.

"I could only sit down and have a pee," he said of the device. "I couldn't stand up."

But he said this didn't bother him too much because he was still recovering from the other injuries he received in the devastating accident.

Mo revealed that he spent a whopping six years going in and out of the hospital.

"Doctors did everything they could, not to save my penis, but to save me," he said. "I was given 12 hours to live [after the accident]."

After that, he kept himself to himself and generally didn't like to speak about what had happened - although he remained without a penis.

The doctor looked at Mo's arm and told him how big his penis was going to be.

But towards his late-30s, Mo was given hope by an Edinburgh-based plastic surgeon who said that he finally had the means to give him a new penis - having seen Mo previously many years ago.

"I was nervous," he said, "but I was also excited at the time."

Mo said he had what's known as a phalloplasty, which involves taking skin from a person's arm or the back of their leg and 'they roll it up like a Swiss roll and construct a penis out of it'.

He then said that an implant is placed into the device to allow the person with the bionic penis to have sex.

When asked if he was given an option about size, Mo said he left that decision to the doctor but admitted: "I could have said to him I want a 10-inch one."

He said the doctor then looked at his arm and estimated the size he'd be able to give him, which turned out to be an impressive eight inches.

But he said he was just so grateful to be getting a penis that he didn't want to be fussy.

Mo revealed that he got a 'special referral' from the NHS, which allowed him to get the £70,000 operation for free.

He said he finally felt like 'a proper man' after the operation.

"The thing I was most looking forward to was standing and having a pee," he admitted.

Mo then went on to reveal that after two weeks, he was finally able to experience an erection with his new penis, and while laughing said: "I got it up but I couldn't get it down again."

Mo said it had a profound effect on improving his confidence, and prior to the operation, he never shared his extraordinary story - now he's happy for the world to know about his bionic penis.

Featured Image Credit: LADbible

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